Buffet Makeover

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I've had this little buffet for several years, and for a most 2009 it sat in the garage. Until a month ago when I created a dining room mood board. The original color was light oak which suited me just fine years ago, but made the piece look dated and boring. I decided to paint the buffet a semi gloss Delicate White by Olympic (it's a little softer than bright white). The color should compliment our kitchen redo next year.

Here's the before....Ohh I love the wood knobs. Sometimes it’s the most fun to re-do furniture your own furniture or a family piece, it always reminds you of your former decor choices. Remember I bought this years ago from Target (gotta love Target).

I primed the buffet once (If I use the paint color/brand again I would use two coats of primer - the paint is really thin, but goes on very nice)

I applied three thin coats of paint to the buffet; I think two coats of primer would have saved some time painting. I used clear glossy coat water based poly on the top of the buffet only - so the surface is nice and hard

Here's the after complete with new hardware. I love the new pulls on the drawer - but not sure if I like the knobs. I’m still contemplating removing the wood panel and putting a glass in the doors to show off my cake stands and various service ware and make it look a little more contemporary. What do you think...leave the wood in the doors? Replace with glass?

The picture below was taking last night - We have no lighting in our due to our Dining Room Redo (more on that later) So, I used flash...which blurred the picture and makes it look way glossier than it is. I'll update with new pics as we get closer to our Dining Room after. The picture above is the true color and much more flattering. Do you like the after?

{ Oh yeah, my hubby put one of the knobs in with the wrong screw! That's why it looks funny! I'll fix it this weekend }


  1. nice job...white changes everything

  2. Nice job, I like both before and after lol. Like the pulls but theres something about the knobs to me also, aside from what your hubby did lol.

  3. Love it! Glass doors would be nice if you have some pretty things to show off.

  4. I think glass doors would look great! If you do that, please post a tutorial. I want to replace some of my kitchen cabinet doors with glass, but I don't know how! Maybe you could teach me....


  5. I love what you did with the buffet. Great color choice!

  6. Great makeover ... love the colour. White just makes everything so fresh.

  7. It's definitely not a blah buffet anymore! Great paint job. Glass doors would look nice, but I also like the way they look now, with the beadboard look. At least that's something you can always decide on later!


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