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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An unexpected knock at the door left me super happy! The fabric I ordered from Calico Corners to make pillow covers for our living room arrived tonight. The ordered was supposed to take ten days plus they offer free shipping so I thought the fabric wouldn’t arrive until later this month. I only ordered two yards of fabric per the fabric consultant, but it looks like I ordered 1/2 yard too much. Any ideas what to do with the left over fabric, if there's any? I'll tackle this project over the weekend.

It's a perfect yellow match to the pillows we already have

The print is called Keywest - I love the break in the yellow bars


  1. ooohh how exciting! maybe you could frame the extra fabric to make some cheap artwork?

  2. YEA!! Beautiful. If you have any leftover, you can send it to me! hehehe


  3. Love the fabric. If a good idea doesn't immediately come to mind, hold on to it for later. Something will surely come up. (btw, my other idea was also to frame it in ikea frames--so chic)

  4. Great fabric! The pillows are going to look great!

  5. I am loving that fabric. The pillows will look great on the couch. I just recently heard of calico corners (I must have been living under a rock) and will need to check them out. Good luck on the pillows!


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