Craigslist I love you....

Monday, December 28, 2009

In between looking for flooring and knocking off small DIY dining room projects - I've also been stalking Craigslist for the perfect dresser for our bedroom. We wanted something clean lined and not too feminine. You wouldn't believe all the junk I poured over looking for a decent dresser that wasn't crap-tastic circa 1983.

I was seriously thinking of breaking it off with Craigslist and letting our relationship fizzle out. Then two days before Christmas I come across the prefect dresser the detail I was looking for, and it looked well made + Mr. CHL house also loved it.

I quickly called the number provided fearing it might be too late to call it was 9:20 pm - No answer I leave my name and number. No response. The next morning I wait until 9:30 am and call again, no answer, I leave a message. Crap I think to myself they sold it. I start getting annoyed, thinking they should at least take the item off CL when it's sold; - it’s so rude to tease people.

About ten minutes later my work line rings, it’s the Craigslist seller!! I do a little happy dance in my chair. I tell him I really want the dresser, my husband can come pick it up right now (he had the day off) the seller doesn’t recognize my interest and tries to sell the dresser to me! lol - I play along.

CL Seller: It's a really nice dresser and sturdy, but its missing a handle
Me: Yeah it looks nice {thinking: I don't care about handles, this baby is getting new ones}
CL Seller: you can order the handle from the manufacturer company
Me: Um sounds great, do all the drawers work? {thinking: Who cares!! lol j/k}
CL Seller: Yeah it’s a solid piece
Me: What's your address my husband can be there in an hour {I'm already Goggled Map it, once I knew it was the CL Seller}
CL Seller: Did you want to see it first in person?
Me: Nah, your picture looks nice, I trust my husband {thinking: Sir, I need your address now!!}
CL Seller: Ok, here's my information
Me: Thanks! {thinking: You just made my day, and have to clue how awesome the dresser is/will be}

So Craigslist and I are back together again, I guess it was meant to be....Craigslist I love you. Here's the dresser, pics from CL Seller

Oh and how much did I pay for this fab dresser? Just $ 45.00 bucks! Yup a total steal, the drawers are super heavy and well made. Next up new hardware and a paint color possibilties - but that's a whole new post. Have you found any awesome Craigslist steals?


  1. Good deal! Slab a fresh coat of paint on that puppy and you're golden! My husband and I found a used tanker desk on craigslist for a whopping $60 bucks. All it needed was a little elbow grease and new paint and we got ourselves a nice study desk well under a hundred bucks!

  2. GIIRRRLLLL that is a nice piece! Wait 'til you see what I found and purchased yesterday off of craigslist!

  3. Way to be persistent! I'm glad you and craigslist made nice. :) That dresser has a lot of potential! We've found several things on craigslist too, including a desk for our office. I'm also searching for a coffee table on there too. I love it!

  4. I haven't done the Craigslist or EBay thing - I know, I am behind the times. But it seems I am really missing out!
    Great find - can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. Woo hoo ... score!!! ... can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. That will be beautiful once refinished! We picked up 2 dressers from Craigslist earlier this year and painted them and they look swell now. Yay for CL!!

  7. Danielle you'll have to check out CL - it will blow your mind what people are selling! In and good way and bad - lol

  8. SCORE! What a perfect piece!!! I totally passed up a FULL BEDROOM set (4 pieces) that would have come to $120. Good job being persistent, and jumping right on that. I'm still kicking myself. doh!

  9. what a great buy! Your "thoughts" in blue cracked me up!


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