Four Books For Five Bucks

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love to read, I read anything from Jane Austen (love her and the movies) to John Grisham. I often read up to 45 mins per day, How? I take the train to work which allows me to read at least 45 mins a day. So last week I stopped in a local Goodwill looking for thrifty finds, and I didn't find anything! On the way out my son wanted to see what books they had, he was hoping to find a few Captain Underpants (great book series for 4th grade boys) books he doesn’t have. When I started browsing books for myself and came across a bunch, I've wanted read or looked interesting to me.

I was able to buy four books for five bucks!

The Books

Baby Proof, by Emily Giffin
Knitting Under the Influence, by Claire LaZebink

In her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner { I love this movie! I've always wanted to read the book }
The Nannie Diaries, by Emma Mclaughin & Nicola Kraus

I can't wait to get started on one of these books (I'm currently reading The Gold Coast). Have you found any great books from Thrift Stores are used books sotres lately?


  1. I am heading to the library today! I will check these out. I usually read a book a week.

    We have a bookhouse also in my neighborhood that sells books for cheap and you can do a book swap. I think its time to swap also.
    Let me know how they turn out.

    Have you thought about getting in a bookclub? has a bunch of them.

  2. Brooke - you sound like my friend who rides the train with me, she reads at least a book a week. When I was reading The Twlight Saga - I'd be up all hours of the day and night reading.

    I've always wanted to try doing a book club, thanks for the information, I will check them out

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily Giffin!!! OMG, those books were so good to me. Have you read "Something Borrowed" by her? If not, you have to read that first, and then read "Something Blue" which is the sequel. You really have to read them in order, though, otherwise you might not really get the full idea.

    Let me know how "Knitting Under the Influence" is. I love chick lit!

  4. Dayka - I havn't read any of Emliy Giffin's books, now your getting me super excited to read them. I'll have to stop in Goodwill and cross my fingers they have them...if not I'll buy them via Amazon - thanks!

  5. Wow - I wish I had to ride a train so I could read a book! Looks like some great stories ahead..


  6. I too frequent the bookshelves at Goodwill. Great prices for gently used or like new books. I've vowed never to pay full price for a book unless it's absolutely necessary. I wish I had time to read more though. I read a book a week when I commuted via train. Now, I get audiobooks from the library.

  7. Danielle - when my son was little it was so hard to read my own books, becasue I was reading to him. He picked up my love of reading finally this year! And now using his spending money to buy his own books :)

    Natural - I was shocked how many books they had, and hardbacks too for $2.00 or under.

  8. Love the book section in the Goodwill! My boys like going to look for more "story time" books! And the price can't be beat!

    Now I want to read some Emily Griffen books!


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