Soft Place to Land: My Bedroom Ideas { Part One }

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At first I was going to create a mood board for our Master Bedroom, but soon it got busy with all my ideas! So I decided a list of ideas would work better & I'd love to hear your opinions & ideas help me get this room done. Were almost done with the dining room, ripping up tile this weekend and laying new floors - so I really want to start on the bedroom after the dining room is done.

We have a very basic bedroom standard size 1956 bedroom = small. which means I'll save money right?

Bedroom Idea ~ Soft Place to Land Romantic & Modern


I really love this color combination.

1. Polished Silver, Vaslpar
2. Aqua-sphere, Sherwin Williams
3. Delicate White, Olympic


For the bedding I'm picturing a white duvet and a gray covelet and pretty pillows


I really want romantic lighting in our bedroom, fortunately we have overhead lighting in our bedroom which means a chanedlier would be lovely. My husband also likes the idea of a chandlier { he walks around the house saying Chande - LIER in a Englsih Accent }  I want this sucker on a dimmer switch. Here's a few I've been eyeing for quite some time.

But which one? The 1st one is amazing and I can really pciture it over the bed. The 2nd one combines my love of drum shades AND chandeliers.

Not only am I thinking about overhead lighting, I also need lamps in the bedroom for reading. I'm stumped on lighting for the night stands. I love these ones from Pottery Barn BUT at $99.00 each - They are way out of my budget and comfort zone. I did however come across these at Target, but I still have to Add-In the cost of shades, since they don't come with them.


I also like the idea of shiny metal lamps of course with drum shades might work better.....


Lucky for me and my budget I found the perfect dresser on Craigslist! I actaully started painting it over the weekend - Two coats of primer so far. I'm sure my dresser will be just as lovely as the Pottery Barn one that I love. My dresser actaully has more detail.


I'm going to add shiny metal pulls to my dresser and maybe crystal knobs to the top drawers, I'll keep you posted.

I'm also in need of side tables/night stands for our bedroom. I'm torn between dark & white night stands. I want our bedroom to feel airy and open, so I keep going back and forth between the two finishes. Here's two options, Ideally I will find perefect nigtstands on Craigslist and SAVE money -- if not the ones below are still a good price. I also like this option from Wal-Mart in white, its actaully descibed as a little girls nightstand.



Another bedroom furnitre must for me is my little bench, I wrote about awhile ago and can finally say its almost done. It's so pretty, I'm waiting on the fabric to arrive and then I can share. Crossing fngers the fabric arrives quick.

What do you think so far? Should I add another accent color to the bedroom? Any other lighting ideas?


My { Part Two } will be about making the room pretty & functional. And trust me our room right now has now NO function, it's in a sad state of neglect - but that only makes better afters right?


  1. I struggle with nightstand finishes as well. White certainly adds more airiness to the room, but what color is your headboard? Perhaps matching would be an idea.

    I can't wait to see what you decide on for all of those pieces!

  2. Hi Angela - I'm thinking of a DIY Headboard in white or grey

  3. I LOVE those colors! The white is nice and light, too.

  4. Looks great! So exciting. I love the chandelier with the drum shade - so romantic. Can't wait to see more!

  5. LOVE the colors! What if you added some navy accents? It would be a neat contrast

  6. Hey, we're both making over our bedrooms! DIY headboard, new nightstands, painting a dresser, new light fixture.... check!

    I got a couple of nightstands on sale at World Market... they are a dark color. I like your chandelier options. Can't wait to see your dresser makeover!

  7. OMGosh! Your room is going to be so pretty and soft! Personally, I'd go with the drum chandelier - it combines romantic with modern and will be easy to match your table lamp shades with. Love, love the colors. Did you repaint your bench? White? What color is the fabric you ordered? That might help you with the nightstand color. Geez, I can't wait to come over and see the new "boudoir" lol.

  8. Do the second chandy! I have ALWAYS loved that one! And I would do dark wood nightstands to add some depth to the room, otherwise it would be a little too 'white' in my opinion.

  9. Micah - I'm really excited about the DIY headboard, but I'm not sure if I'm going that route of finding an old headboard to redo...

    Veggie Rebel - I hope everything comes together nicely...when the bench is done I'll reveal, am I keeping you on your toes? I'm leaning towards the drum/chandlier too, I think

  10. HEY CLH,

    Oh how I love your color scheme! I have somewhat chosen the same colors for my bedroom. I was seeking help with ideas but none have come through yet. This is going to look fabUloUs....Getting excited to see the outcome.
    DIY headboard is going to bring it life.
    (PS smaller - Soft Place to Land Romantic & Modern----means more $)

  11. Ooh, I love the color combo in photo 1. I'm considering a color similar to the middle one for our room. Kind of like "silver sage" from Restoration Hardware.

  12. I say go with the 2nd chandy--I've always loved that one! Your ideas sound great--you don't need any help! :) Can't wait to see it when it's done.

  13. Love the color scheme - it's romantic and relaxing! Can't wait to see your after pics!

  14. Just discovered your blog- love it!! I also love the second chandy as well! White furniture is great, but I always love the look of dark woods- especially with that color scheme you have- Can't wait to see what you do!!!


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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