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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need to bump up the wow factor in one of your room walls? Well, I came across some modern paint affects in one of my favorite decor magazines Style at Home. One of the paint affects gave me a boost of inspiration for my master bedroom makeover. I can't wait to get started on the paint effect project. I can't say which one - need to keep the element of surprise, lol.

Modern Paint Affect: Color Blocking
A painting technique that involves adding a graphic element, such as circles or squares, to dress up an empty wall or highlight a particular fixture in the room. Think about using this paint technique to enhance a medallion or light fixture on the ceiling. Or to ad an element of whimsy in a bedroom or it can simply replace art { like in the bedroom below } How pretty do those butterflies look, flying across the room.

In this room the color blocking highlights the wall and molding.

Modern Paint Affect: Strie
Strie is the French word for stripe, this modern paint affect creates the look of a soft stripping on the walls. Making walls appear like they are silk or linen. In the picture the walls appear to be a delicate soft green with a slight striping pattern. Don't the walls look touchable and soft?

Modern Paint Affect: Stenciling
Stencils work anywhere and add a graphic modern affect to the room. Its an affordable alternative to using wallpaper. I love the look of the stencil below, talk about drama

I love the idea of using stenciling as an decorative alternative to using ceiling medallions.

Modern Paint Affect: Colour Wash
To take the look from a 'dated cloud look' you have to apply the Colour wash technique very suitable. The Colour Wash in the picture below creates a dream like feeling in this entry way

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As I mentioned before I'll be adding one of the Modern Paint Affects to my bedroom. Did any of the paint affects give you a boost of inspiration? Have you already used a modern paint affect in your home?



  1. My grandma taught me how to stencil when I was younger. What a cute idea around a light fixture though!

  2. I love that first color blocking photo. I've been thinking about doing a stencil in my master bedroom but this has got me wondering about doing something more like that ...

  3. I've been thinking of stenciling our main floor bathroom walls. Right now I am painting the master bedroom and it is taking me forever to finish! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. i love Style At Home too. I would love to do the effect with the butterfly's along the stairwell which has such a high ceiling. Thanks for collecting all the great ideas.

  5. I've been going back and forth between one of these modern paint effects for days, then after seeing the picutres above - it got me excited to go with my 'gut'

  6. Great inspiration pics! The first (with the butterflies) and the ceiling medallion were my favorites. Can't wait to see which you choose! I'm working on one in my own home . . . we'll see how long it takes me to finish! :)

  7. I have a black painted wall in my bedroom..Ashlina actually featured it in a makeover once! I'm loving it and am now thinking of using a stencil and writing some lovely words over the bed...when I get the courage to touch my perfectly painted wall!! I'm your newest follower too. Look forward to reading more.

  8. I love the black and white color blocking and also the ceiling medallion. BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Kerry, thanks for becoming a CLH follower! :)

  10. I'm seriously considering stenciling a wall in my chocolate brown room! A big all-over design, like a damask pattern. Love it!

  11. Oh what good ideas....I see why you were inspired (and cannot wait to see which one you choose)

  12. I love the use of stenciling for a ceiling medallion.

  13. All of these are so fabulous!! I love the painted medallion, the stencils, the butterflies, everything!

    My husband and I painted 'canvas textured walls' a la Ralph Lauren paint for our dining room. We inherited vintage black Asian themed furniture from a friend, which was great and free, but kind of posed a challenge room decor wise. We thought paprika walls with an added texture might be interesting.

    Which affect are you going with?? I can't wait to see!!

  14. Sara, stencil on you chocolate walls would be amazing!!
    Meg, you know I can't tell you, lol - ill share soon! Ooh can't wait to see the wall you painted!

  15. I'm all about stenciling right now. I think the stenciled medallion is BONKERS! I love it. And the butterflies are extremely pleasing to the eyes. How practical and inexpensive are these ideas?! I think I will have to make this post a favorite on my computer.

  16. I love to paint, honey! :) I loved all your photos...Did you check out my GIVEAWAY? Yay! Meme

  17. I checked Style At Home for the aqua and lavender stencil effect in Modern Paint Affect: Stenciling. Where can the stencil be found?


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