Master Bedroom Update

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I know its been months since I've mentioned my master bedroom redo. I'm still working on it and will start taking in progress shots soon (like this week, crossing fingers). I have a few projects to complete over the next few weeks, that will really (hopefully) transform our bedroom into a private but tiny getaway.

Here's a before picture of our bedroom, this isn't a true before picture. We actually painted the room late last summer, and I didn't any pictures that I can find. Regardless you'll easily be able to tell my room is DRAB! { don't judge me - lol }

Our one and only bedroom window, we have some couple of shady trees outside our window. We plan on trimming a few branches back to let more light in.

Gratuitous dog shot.

Our TV stand, lol - Actually were are suing a coffee table for the moment!

I do have a couple of things to share, one a pretty curvy mirror I found at Goodwill for $10.00. I love its lines and know paint will make the detail in the frame pop. It's also incredibly heavy.

Our new curvy lamps that rest upon our new nightstands

Here's a reminder or my plans for our master bedroom { part one & part two } , and the layout options we are considering. Do you have any projects you working on that are taking months to complete, like me?

EDIT: I forgot to link our Craigslist dresser we got for a steal for our bedroom!



  1. O I have about 5 on going projects I just can't seem to finish! I love the mirror! How come everyone finds these awesome deals and I can't find one! So jealous!

  2. Can't wait to see! I like the wall color. I've been working on my master bedroom too, couple more projects to go!

    Thanks for tagging!

  3. It seems like everything for us is taking months to complete. With our basement reno aside (which I think is acceptable to take a long time), my kitchen "refresh" project is taking me much longer than I originally anticipated!

    Looking forward to seeing how your bedroom turns out!

  4. Girl! You know I've been working on mine for months! I can't wait for you to start because I love your color palette!

  5. Mrs. Duncan you've gotten so much done in your bedroom and its almost done, I know it will be fab.

    Danielle - I feel that way too, it's so hit and miss finding great items at local thrift stores where we live


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