C&B You Made My Day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I was on cloud nine yesterday when I discorved the Pot Luck Bakers that I've been lusting over for a few months from Crate & Barrel were marked down to an insane price of $ 9.95 for a set of three! I nearly fell out of my chair, just Wednesday they were on sale for $21.99. I seriously wanted to leave work early to scoop a set up for our home. Instead of faking sick, I called our local Crate and Barrel and inquired the they still had them in stock, not worry the nice lady said they had 20 in stock. I also confirmed the in-store price, I hate when online a price is cheaper than in stores, it really annoys me! 

Oh how I love these bakers, the set is three colors: Small Grey, Medium Cream and Large Beige. The perfect compliment to our white dinnerware and a huge upgrade from my mis matched random sets I've bough here and there. Later that night the family and I drove to Crate & Barrel and picked up my Pot Luck Bakers. I took some quick pics of Mr CLH with my camera phone, hence the semi blurry pics. 

We felt all ritzy walking out of Crate & Barrel with some loot. 

That how C&B made my day yesterday, I so can't wait to cook with these beauties. i'm sure they'll make an appearance on the blog soon. If you looking for some pretty bake-ware for yourself or a present grab these fast before there all gone!

What's the last sale item you've come across that's made your day?


  1. Those are some fantastic bakers at an insane price! Love the picture of the bags, you guys really cleaned up!! Loves it!

  2. hey girly! thanks for the post! that is an insane buy~ i love C&B!

  3. I definitely haven't come across a sale THAT good lately! I wish we had a C&B where I live! Nice find!

  4. What a steal! They look gorgeous. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. Fantastic deal! I expect to see some recipes posted using those bakers:)

    Amy R.

  6. Wow, that is a wonderful price. I think the original price was pretty good, too!

  7. That's a great deal! I wish I would have know sooner. They would have made for a great giveaway;-)


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