Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Spooky Scary Party Decor

As I mentioned yesterday my sons Spooky Scray Halloween Party was over the weekend, he had lots of fun. He was super excited when Saturday morning arrived and wanting to wear his ninja costume at 8 am!! I had to remind him we still had a few things to buy and do for the party lol. I did most of the Halloween decorating in our house in the dining room, entryway and a little in the Living Room { were the kids crashed and played games } I kept the Halloween decor simple with a little spooky scary thrown in the mix. Here's a reminder of how our entryway looks.

I decorated the mirror using some 'rag netting' and some black spier silhouettes left over from our front door. I hung a black feather wreath I made last year for our front door on the mirror to up the spooky factor. The wreath is a super simple DIY project, I spent $ 1.00 on a foam wreath at Dollar Tree and bought three 6ft feather boas of Michaels for $ 1.99 each. Simply wrap the boa around the wreath and use a hot glue gun to secure, and some black grosgrain ribbon and hang.
I filled our vase with branches I sprayed painted black and added crows on them. The buffet was used as our drink station, we made 'Brain Juice' punch. Sadly I have no pictures of the punch! We used a brain mold we bought from Wal-Mart and filled it with pink lemonade. We had the punch with Lemonade, Cranberry Juice & Sprite. It was freaking looking at a brain floating in punch :) I also planned on writing the Menu on the chalk board, but forgot all about it until the party was over.

I found the eye balls at Michaels, I think they were a buck for 4 eyes. Tabari had the great idea to place them on our small white vases!! 

A few months back I found three candles holders for clearance at Kohl's, I paid only $ 13 bucks for all three! The originally color was a bronze, not really our style but knew they would look great glossy black. I used some cheapo black gloss spray paint and transformed them. Their new look reminds me of these Z Gallerie candles holders. 

The candle holders looked great with a Crow, Candle and mini pumpkin on top. I was also surprised how great the cheapo spray paint worked. I even spray painted them myself,a task I normally leave to Mr. CLH - since I'm known to get drips and crackles. This time around the srpa wen on nice and smooth. 

I had planned on baking home made cupcakes, but ran out of time and energy since I was still under the weather on Saturday. I picked up a mix of chocolate and white cupcakes  

See the gloss on those candle sticks! lol - I filled a a witches cauldron with cheese balls and a crow guarded the dish. 

Here's how the table looked before the 'hot' foods were placed on the table. 

It was hard to get a full shot of the room before the party due the weather. It was a wet rainy Saturday which meant gloomy pictures. Here's Tabari doing his kung-fu pose! 

That's how Spooky Scary Halloween party decor looked !! I hoped you enjoyed party crashing with us!! :)



  1. That looks like a party that even grownups would love to attend! And I love Tabari's pose at the end, you can tell how excited he is about the party. So fun!

  2. Haha cools looks like everyone is going all out for Halloween this year, nice to see the economy isn't putting a damper on things!

  3. Love the birds on the cheese puffs, nice touch!

    I tried making a feather wreath last week the same way that you did but the feathers kept coming off. I ended up returning them to Michael's. I still want one!

  4. The party looks like it was a hit!! Glad you are feeling better :)

  5. Oh what fun!! Those eyeballs on the vases were hilarious! Tabari may be the cutest ninja I've ever seen...

  6. Looks like a great party! Love the decor! It looks like the kids had a great time!

  7. The eye balls are awesome! I love what you did with the decor, fun and also stylish.

  8. Oh my gosh! Everysingle decoration is fab! I simply love love the spiders on the wall and the brain must have looked brilliant! <3

  9. Looks like it was a fun party. I love those Dollar Store crows, too. They're the best!

  10. You are even classy with HALLOWEEN. Can you please come to my house and help me get classy? You've got it down. It looks so chic, and I'm just loving your entryway. So fun.

  11. The decor was sooo neat! I know the kids had a great time and enjoyed all the spooky eye catching decorations you put out... Great job!

  12. ADORABLE! I love the spider them, it's spooky yet cute & chic at the same time lol :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  13. Looks like a cool party...$13.00 bucks for three candle sticks...woowho...the just opened a Kohls in my neighborhood...gotta check out their clearance section...Enjoy Halloween...

  14. Geez, that party could have come straight out of a Martha magazine. Too cute!

  15. Halloween done with taste. Great decor ideas, I especially love the black crows and spiders.

  16. Wow, you really went all out for this party! You thought of everything - it looks fantastic. Tabari must have had a blast!

  17. love the ninja,
    the spider on the cupcakes,
    the cheese balls was too cute.
    my favorite is the eyeballs!!!

  18. Where did you get the white vases? I've been looking for those everywhere!


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