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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm so excited to start decorating our home for the Holiday Season! Last year we did a little holiday decor and I made a simple white feather wreath we kept our holiday decor to a minimum. This year however, I'm all about celebrating the season! I have Three Holiday Craft Projects I want to tackle for Christmas. 

- Holiday Project One -

First I want to make a pretty outdoor wreath for our front door to greet family and friends. I really want to make a wreath that sparkles and pops against our red front door. I love have pretty green wreaths look, but plan on creating a monochromatic wreath full of detail. These wreaths from Martha Stewart Living truly inspire me

As you can see both of these wreath are so pretty and monochromatic, I adore the last wreath and love its pretty bow! The gold truly pops from the front door. Hopefully I can come up with something pretty with pop for our front door :)

- Holiday Project Two -

Along with creating a pretty wreath for our front door, I also want to make some garland for the two front windows outside & pretty garland for the inside as well. I love the snowflake garland so pretty and simple. 
I also love ribbon garland, I've made a ton in the past using wired ribbon. It came out so pretty, but the colors are all wrong for this years tree and decor. Hmm....maybe I'll be making two types of garland this year for the inside of our house.

- Holiday Project Three -

The last project I really want to tackle asap for Christmas is making my stockings for my family this year. Leave it to Martha { again } to give me so many great ideas for DIY stockings. I love the wool felt icicle stocking. So pretty and simple and perfect. 

I also like the sweater stockings perfectly charming, they look so cozy. 

Now i just need to head to the fabric store and see what I can find and maybe a nearby thrift store for gently used sweaters that can be turned into a stockings. I'm so excited about making my family stockings,  this holiday project is long overdue.

I'm so looking forward to this weekend, we will be decorating out tree and i'll be working on craft projects all weekend!! I so can't wait to share all the other things I've be up to while getting over this nasty cold bug!! 

Do you have any Holiday Craft Projects you want make this Holiday Season?

{ please note all pics all from Martha Stewart }



  1. I also have been wanting a snowflake garland!

  2. Love the ribbon garland!! Can't wait to see how your projects turn out. :)

  3. I was inspired by a wreath in the latest issue of Traditional Home Magazine. I will make an attempt to re-create a simple wreath with gold ornaments, artificial green apples and golden grapes. I also have a vase from Ikea for some really pretty gold ornaments I picked up! Those stockings are adorable, I may have to consider making some of those also!

  4. Mrs Freshly Baked - the wreath you described sounds so amazing! I love when fruit is used in wreaths

  5. Oh that Martha- she gets me everytime wanting to try a buncha different things! I am hoping that I can really start getting some decor up this weekend!

  6. You've picked some nice projects my friend! I am not doing any this year because I'm feeling quite lazy!

  7. Great Projects!
    Ever thought about making them and selling them?

  8. Brooke - I have thought it would be fun to make custom ones for people :)

  9. Sounds like lots of fun projects coming up! Can't wait to seem what you come up with. I loved your white feather wreath from last year. I am really digging wreaths in general right now, as well as white- and cream-colored stockings.

    I worked on some homemade gifts this weekend which I'll be posting about soon, and I also need to decorate a big wreath to hang outside our house!

  10. I love the ideas you've posted! I actually made a ball ornament wreath. You can get a tutorial here:


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