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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi Everyone!! I took a little blog vacation for the past two weeks: due to an quick getaway with my husband to NYC { loved how how Christmas-time felt in NYC } As well as spending quality time with my family and planning some big projects for our house in 2011! 

I wanted to say Thank You all for reading Chic Little House, your feedback in comments and emails is one of the reason why I love blogging and sharing whats going on in our little Rancher! 

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Here's a small list of items Mr. CLH and I plan on checking off our to do list in the coming months. 

  • Master Bedroom done by Jan { yep its in the final stages of being done! }
  • Start working doing something with our third bedroom aka the forgotten room
  • Paint our kitchen Cabinets & Crossing fingers new counters 
  • Talking a slew if mini projects: think crown molding, new light fixtures, mini bathroom updates etc. 



  1. Hey girl! I was wondering where you've been! I'm so jealous that you were able to experience NY in the winter! I hope you guys have a Happy New Year! & I look forward to your projects!

  2. Glad you are back and hope you share your photos from NY. I'm sure they're great. Also looking forward to your new projects. Love it!

  3. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for the new year!

  4. Hope you had a nice vacation and are ready for a new year and a new list of projects to accomplish! :) Happy new year!

  5. Congrats!
    You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from
    Cassie @
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  6. Glad you had a gr8 time in NY. I sooo miss it...
    At any rate how can we NOT keep the 4gotten room 4Gotten?
    I need to do somen' to the one we have now.....
    (hence i throw EVERYTHING back there OUCH)


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