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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

While 'window; shopping at Lowes { yes, I window shop at Lowes! } for possible new interior doors, I noticed a bunch of lighting on cleanrance. A mini pendant drum shade imdeailty cought my eye, and I love the price. While I was looking at the light fixture, a sales associated said she would mark the price down lower if I wanted to buy it. In short the sales associate marked the clearance price from $ 7.99 down to $ 5.00. She also told me they are flexible with clearance prices!  

We plan on installing the pendant light fixture in our kitchen above our sink.Our new light will be a huge improvement over our current kitchen lighting above the sink. Below is how our kitchen currently looks, I know not a pretty sight { much too dark for our tastes } But we do have a plan for our kitchen.

Here;s the pretty little drum shade pendant I bought from Lowes out of the box the pendant came with all the hardwire to hang it. What a deal.

 I love how the mini drum shade mimics our large eden drum shade with have hanging on our dining room. They both coordinate nicely which each which is a plus since our kitchen and dining room share the same space.


We also plan on installing recessed lighting our kitchen as well as a 'main lighting' source. For the main light source, we really like this 14" drum shade option from Lamps Plus which will give off plenty of light & look polished in our kitchen 

I'm not sure when we'll hang our new drum shade, we want to get started on painting our upper kitchen cabinets soon and taking care of the ugly tile counter tops. Below is the kitchen we adore and want to transform ours into. Lucky for us our kitchen layout how is close to this one. 

{ I came across this kitchen a long time ago, please email if you know the link for this kitchen! }

Buying the pendant shade on the cheap, really makes me what to break out the paint and getting started on painting our kitchen and maybe grabbing a sledgehammer to our kitchen counters. Its OK for a pregnant lady to swing a sledgehammer, right? lol

Find any great clearance deals lately?



  1. Oooh, awesome deal!! We have 3 pendant lights above the counter in our kitchen and I'd like to replace them with some fun new ones. If I could get some deals like this, that would be a pretty cheap project!

  2. Great find! And I'm loving your inspiration photo, beautiful!

  3. Amanda head to Lowes! The Sales associate told me they are in the process of updating a lot of lighting - hence clearance sales! Plus they are flexible on clearance prices :)

  4. Cute little light - and such a great deal, too!

    We just bought a drum shade fixture that's almost identical to the one that you're interested in:

    We got it on clearance from them (someone had returned it, but it was in perfect condition), so the large model was ~$130 -- kind of a splurge, but cheaper than the ~$350 that the large one goes for... We've got some electrical to do first, but we're hoping to get it up soon so we can move on with the new nursery! :)

    And I think pregnant ladies can totally use a sledgehammer - I've never wanted to tear down the walls in my kitchen more than I have this week... :)

  5. Great find!!!

  6. Jen - I like that light fixture you and your husband bought! It's like the one we wants twin! lol great steal you got it for! I so can't wait to see your nursery and projects.

    I'm so over our counters! I just want them gone :)

  7. Don't you just love it when you get a bargain like that on something that works perfectly in your home?

  8. That is an awesome deal! And so cute. I love drum shades. Excellent choice!

  9. Congrats on your thrifty find! Lighting can really make a big difference in a space.

  10. That was one great bargain, and very stylish.

  11. Um, hello! That's quite the deal, chica! I love that it mimics your dining room one, too! I can't wait to see that kitchen of yours transform. I know it will be beautiful!

  12. Love it! What a perfect find. The price wasn't bad initiall, but $5? That's amazing.

  13. Wow, bargain!! I love going to Lowe's to snoop out the misttint paint. You can't beat $5 for a gallon of perfectly good paint!

  14. i never run across any deals at the big stores. i gueess i dont go enough...i neverrrrrrr find one thing with a yellow sticker.

  15. That is a great deal, nice to know that they will go lower on the clearance prices! Not sure if I ever congratulated you on the baby, but congrats!

  16. That was a great deal. I have been offered a few deals, but I am never really serious at buying

    I found your blog via the mention on along with myself and number of other blogs. Its good to be a follower and connect with you.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  17. AWESOME. I have been waiting and waiting to find a deal for a light fixture for our landing/my office space. Have to include Lowes in my hunt.
    Following you.
    Mary Ann

  18. It's rally awesome , i like this ,nice to know that they will go lower on the clearance prices!
    room share


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