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Thursday, June 30, 2011

In a few days our little guy will be a month old, its so hard to believe he'll be one month. Life is filled with even more joy since his arrival, so glad he arrived two weeks early! The last few days I've been looking birth announcements to send to family and friends, even with face book and social media connecting family. I really wanted to send a special card out to mark is entry into the world. Last week while the little guy was sleeping, I did a little photo shoot. Here are a few contenders, I'm sure before we pick the one I will take another 200 pictures of our sleeping cutie. I wrapped Avery up in  darling hand knitted quilt I received from a dear friend. It's the perfect delicate backdrop for the baby announcements.

I did a little photo work on the one below making the background blurry - not sure if I like that affect?

And and couldn't resist sharing this little picture of Avery in the morning. I love his bed head!

I've looking last some designs at Shutterfly the one styles like are on sale for $ 1.75 per card and I have a coupon for 20% off - so we may go with Shutterfly or go the DIY Route like we did with our Save the Date cards ( read more about our wedding here ) and the Baby Shower Invites ( see them here )Here are the two styles we are digging. I like that both full pictures of baby with detail and feel modern & classic. If we go the DIY route I'll print the cards out at Costo or Kinkos ( love there quick print services )

Which style card do you like? Do you like sleeping babies in Announcements for Awake baby's? Thanks for your help!! Feel free to share your go to source for online prints, and I'll check them out.

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  1. I am so sorry I missed the birth post. I have been out of the loop... He is beautiful. What a blessing. I am so happy for you guys!


  2. Beautiful pictures! I really think the second picture would make for nice birth announcements. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the photo birth announcements - especially the first one.

    Your little guy is SO ADORABLE. Oh my goodness. How will you pick just one photo!?!

  4. So cute! I loved the pictures! I have a suggestion (we used it for our birth announcements) make it a magnet :) Then they will be "useful" hence people will display them longer! :)
    I like one big pic at the background (sleeping babies are precious but they look so different when they are awake; so pick a picture that speaks to your heart, and just go with it!! (Or pick one of the "multi pic" cards!!)

  5. Karrie - Thank you so much for the suggestions, I'm torn between the awake picutres and the sleeping cuite ones. I also love the magnet idea!! That's great thinking :)

  6. I love sleeping pictures, I can't say one looks better than the other, he is such a cutie pie! I think the magnet is genius, I know I would be more likely to display it longer. I think the 1st Shutterfly sample is my favorite!

  7. Awwww he's adorable!! Congrats again!!



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