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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hi Everyone, before I get into today's post I wanted to thank you all for your kind and loving words about our early edition aka our son! We are overjoyed with all the love given to us by you! Bloggers / Blog readers are the BEST! I plan on sharing our birth story very soon & updates of the nursery which is in the final stretch - thankfully!

For the past month + I've been thinking about making some changes to our living room since refinishing our hardwood floors in April. First we changed the layout of our room and made some other changes, I 'll share pictures of that soon! But right now I'm focusing on pillows. Which I find is one of the easiest ways to make quick updates in rooms. I came across this pretty Indigo Ikat fabric from Robert Allen a few weeks back and ordered some some yards for pillows. I love the deep navy tone against our tan sofa, it really adds a nice tailored punch. I had great pictures of the fabric on our sofa, but my camera cord is missing - so this picture of the fabric will have to do for now.

Here are some living rooms I've recently came across that have been inspiring this living room update.

{ via here }

For those you wondering for sure I'm keeping pops of yellow in our living room! Love Yellow! I'm also in the mood to possibly change out the yellow pillows we currently have for a new fabric, just not sure what right now. We are also thinking about art, just got to find { or make } a great budget piece of artwork. I'm hoping to squeeze in some sewing time for pillows in between taking care of the little guy. I will report back soon on my pillow progress very soon.



  1. Hey Katrina congrats again on your new addition to the family. I'm sure he is a Big Big Joy.

    I love changing out pillows your right it does make a big impact with little funds required. I'm in the process of doing this same color scheme and making some yellow pillows from a table cloth I bought at a thrift store. I can't wait to see how yours room turns out!

    Love your inspiration pics too!


  2. I like the inspiration photo, still fresh and clean.

  3. Oohhhh, very nice! I love the dark colors with pops of brights!

    Lauren | Myers Maison

  4. you know I'm loving the navy!!! Can't wait to see more about this room:-)

  5. ps

    feel free to pop in a pic of the baby from time to time!!!

  6. Love the inspiration pics...especially that navy. Hopefully everything is going well with your little bundle of joy!

  7. AprilDenise - Thanks so much! I love adore yellow & navy glad you like the color combination too - great thinking using a table cloth for pillows!

    Mrs Duncan - For sure I'll share more pics of the baby soon! :)

  8. Oh! Congrats!! Your baby is so sweet and precious. I am so happy for you and your family. Bless you.

    Amy R.

  9. Can't wait to see your nursery updates! And those are great inspiration pics for your living room. The dark blue adds such drama!


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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