Sewing Zippers, Not Hard

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Remember last week when I planned to sew two new pillows for our living room, only to realize I didn't have enough fabric. That super sucked. Lucky for me Joann's carries a dark navy fabric that worked well with the fabric I originally bought. I'm addition to making pillow covers, I decided to try using a an invisible zipper. Usually when I sew pillow covers I do an envelope style closure, because the zipper scares me. I love how the pillows turned out! The deep the print and dark indigo looks good on our sofa. Love it!

Not only to the pillows look good, I was able to sew-in the invisible zippers. Can I get high five! Oh yeah, I'm still doing my happy dance.

I conquered the zippers (kind of) Let me explain. I have a standard zipper foot, but invisible zippers turn out best when you use an invisible zipper foot. Well my Joann's sells invisible zippers, but no invisible zipper foots. Which makes no sense to me at all. I used this Zipper How To and improvised on installing the zipper doing and inside stitch and outside stitch. The zippers were actually pretty easy to install, just made sure I pinned a lot and they came out NICE!

For the pillow insert, I used Ikea's 20x20 feather and down pillow. I love this pillow inserts, so affordable yet well made. Next I'll be on the lookout for an invisible zipper foot for the next set of pillows I'm sewing for the living room. Just waiting on the fabric to arrive! So like the blog title states, sewing zippers, not hard and I'm pretty sire they'll be even easier with a invisible zipper foot.

Now that I've conquered my zipper fear.  What's your fear about sewing?


  1. Awesome job on those pillows!! I'm RIGHT THERE with you with my fear of sewing zippers, but I suppose I'll have to give it a try sometime soon. (I'll start with cheap fabric first!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  2. I sewed invisible zippers for our patio pillows and they were easier than I thought but I still haven't got them quite right - I can't figure out how to tack down the end of the zipper so there's not a little hole into the pillow - does that make sense?

  3. I am so impressed! Sewing zippers for some reason always makes me sweat....and I have never tried an invisible one. Mainly because like you I do not own the foot for it. You are giving me to courage to try it for myself!

  4. Great job!!! Zippers can be so tricky. Definitely sending you a virtual high five! Thought about using an envelope closure on the pillows I want to make for our living room but maybe (big on the maybe part) I'll give this a try. I think I even have a zipper foot...

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. Love these! Can't wait to see what other changes you are making. I'm new to your blog but adore your house. Our home is also small & I love how cohesive your place looks.

    I'm a new sewer and zippers scare but so does piping around the edge. It looks like you have that on these pillows. Is it hard?! I can almost sew a straight line now after making the girls several skirts so maybe I'm ready. . . .


  6. HELP - I think zippers are hard. I sew, but nothing that requires a zipper. I can't seem to get it. Maybe you should do a tutorial, cuz yours look fantastic!

  7. invisible zippers? Now that is impressive! Nice work! And I love the fabrics you chose for this project.

  8. They look great, and I'm impressed that you're back at working on home projects again so soon! :) Zippers were definitely on my list of things I was afraid to sew until a few months ago, but they were much easier to install than I thought they'd be!

    Good luck with your quilt! :) Can't wait to see it!

  9. Erin - I really liked this how to

    From Sew Katiedid - it helped me and then I also learned as I went. I used a long zipper which made for easier sewing and placing the insert inside!

    I also think the invisible zipper is easier than a regualr one - so for sure try the invisible one!! :) Hope that helps little

  10. Girl, look at you go! Your pillows came out fabulous. I know you're extremely busy these days with your new bundle of joy, but you should seriously consider your own Etsy shop! You always pick out the best fabrics and sew the cutest things.

  11. Meg your too sweet!! It would be fun to sew pillows for people, so we'll see! :)

  12. These look great! Wish I could sew just a straight line--haha!

  13. They look awesome! Love the fabric you chose. I need to master the zipper. Too scared to try it!

  14. Hey I think zipper feather pillows is more comfortable then the sewing pillows. They are easy to remove from the pillow and doesn't need more effort to sew them again after the wash. But overall I like your fabric material and coloring of your pillows.
    I just them all!!!


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