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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few weeks ago our family took some professional pictures, with the addition of Avery we knew it was the perfect time. I'm so glad we took pictures, and had fun during the shoot. Hasani  loved the idea of taking the pictures in the same garden we got married in. He's a sentimental guy and a keeper, lol. So much has changed since I grew up, back in the 80's family pictures for  my family were super serious and always taken at Olan Mills. So its cool now that modern family pictures are taken on location ( I sounds so Tyra ) Anyways here our a few of the pics we love!! We used a local photographer in Sacramento - The Blue Owl Photography, I like her style style a lot so happy with the results.

I'm ordering my prints today and soon they will be on display in our home, I love how personal family photos like our wedding pictures in our entryway will create the warmth in a home. I snagged 3 large 14 x 18 on clearance for $ 11.98 and got one of them for 10% Off do to a minor scuff! Remember always talk up those 'imperfections' to the cashier, lol { SAVINGS } In the frames we have a picture of Avery and Tabari taken at Picture People, I used two $ 18 package coupons, for 25 pictures each, pretty good deal. I just took a quick snapshot until they a re placed on the wall, so please excuse the glare. I also received the 8x10 Canvas I ordered from Canvas People ( I did pay $ 14.95 for Shipping & Handling) I really like it! We decided to use our blog photo for the picture. I'm thinking about ordering one more a black and white pictures from our wedding for our bedroom.

I'm thinking we might replace them with the family pictures taken at the Rose Garden, not quite sure. Oh I did notice while I was at Target buying those frames that ALL the white frames at my Target were on clearance What's Up With That? Ooh Wee What's Up With That? Makes me think of the SNL Song I LOVE singing, lol. Tell me I'm not the only one who sings that song? Whew September was a month of family pictures for us!

What do you think of the pictures, is it me or does Avery's eyes melt your heart too? Have you noticed all the white frames have disappeared at your Target too? What style where your family pictures when you were a kid?


  1. Oh my, those photos are beautiful! The last one is incredible!

  2. I adore the pictures! Such a lovely family... I actually did purchase frames on sale (white, just like yours) from Target about 3 weeks ago. I have some beautiful family pictures I need to frame and some from my husband and I's 1yr wedding anniversary. I will make Target my first stop.

  3. I love the Picture People! Your photographer did a wonderful job. Avery is so observant. As a child our family pictures were really generic. (You know the ones with a fake back ground, LOL.)

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  4. Those pictures are AMAZING! The last two are my favorites. You picked a good photographer!

    I think I need to go check out Target to see if I can find any white clearance frames!

  5. Your sons are beautiful! Those eyes! And smiles! Gorgeous!


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