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Monday, September 19, 2011

I've extended our 3M Frameworks Sample Pack Giveaway. The pack includes a ton of DIY Tools that will make your next DIY project easier. The pack includes: One Roll of Blue Tape, Two 3M LeadCheck Swabs Three Stages of Sanding Blocks (green, maroon, gold sandpaper) One Pair of Gloves, a pair of gloves, respirator, eye wear!!! That's a whole of of DIY Goodies! :)

Here's a Closer look at the 3M Sample Pack


1. Like 3M Framework on Facebook & Share Your Couple Speak Story on Their page (see # 3 for example)

2. Then post a comment on my blog post ‘saying that you have participated '

3. Share your Couple Speak in your post on my blog!

Couple Speak Example:
Me: “That looks crooked” means “Go get the level”
Hasani: “It’s fine” means “Where’s my level at?”

Giveaway Ends - Friday September 23 at Midnight

Enter Here or on the Original Post!!

( people who have already entered will be combined with the new entries )
Good Luck! If You Have Any Questions about the Giveaway please email me!!

1 comment:

  1. OK, I liked their page and did the couple speak, however I must admit I'm a little peeved - they wouldn't let me submit mine because it had 'ugly' in it. Seriously? I had to change it to 'don't like it' instead of ugly. Are people really that sensitive??!! Anyhow, I did enter :)


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