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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have a serious addiction to glossy magazines, I picked up my habit in high school and it still in full force today. I can't walk past the magazine aisle at the grocery store without spending several minutes on the on the aisle. Even worse than that, I hate tossing them. I keep almost every magazine I've ever bought or subscribed too. When we moved into our house over two years ago, my husband asked 'Do you really need this Marie Claire from 2004' of course my answer was 'YES!' I caved and threw away of ton of magazines, and only kept the good ones. I still love my fashion magazines {I now get most of those from my girlfriend} but my true LOVE is home decor magazines! So I was super excited when I saw the yearly magazine sale on, they have a few home decor magazines on sale for FIVE BUCKS for a year long subscription, they do this annually and its the only time I subscribe. I mean seriously FIVE BUCKS for 12 issues for home decor inspiration, heck ya!

I subscribed to Country Living, Elle Decor & House Beautiful so I got three year long magazine subscriptions for $ 15 bucks talk about a steal!!

When I look early this morning only Elle Decor appeared to still be on sale for only $ 5 bucks!! Don't wait hurry and click over and get your magazine deal! :) There other magazine on sale too for $ 7 bucks and up, you really can not beat the price

Which one are you to subscribe to? Which glossy home magazine do you already get in the mail?

ps: what do you think of the blogs new design? 



  1. I love the new design, I have a subscription to House Beautiful, I also subscribe to Traditional Home both are until June 2012. I received an offer from Elle Decor for 10 issues $9.00 but I may just have to check out this offer.

  2. The new design is really Chic! I do not have any subscriptions to any home décor magazines. In your opinion which magazine is the best one?

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. The blog design is beautiful! I'll have to check this special out because I LOVE Elle Decor!

    Myers Maison

  4. I like your new design, very clean.

  5. Mrs Delightful - I think House Beautiful & Elle Decor are glossy reads, might find a recipe or two to try out in your own home, more style less 'real life substance'

    For more 'Real' decor, craft and food ideas by far Country Living, its like BHG - both good on style and substance.

  6. The new design is very very chic and i love it :)

    I only read online mags for home decor, ha. Easier to file away for inspiration! And I'm cheap.

  7. Oh shoot! Is that sale still going on???? Let me check. I got the email last week. crap.

    Oh and thanks for the comments on my kitchen! Of course I want brass hardware;)

    ps, love the new blog design! So much better and more you!

  8. Mrs. Duncan, as of this morning they where on sale, crossing fingers they still are! :) Glad you like the new design, it does feel more me.

    Elisa, lol :) I think as soon as I get fully started on Pinterest, my mags might start collecting dust! lol

  9. Ahhh, I saw the same $5 sale on Amazon, and I was *thisclose* to getting Country Living, but I didn't. I'm still getting Better Homes & Gardens right now, which I really like. I only get subscriptions when they're super cheap, too!

  10. I still love to read magazines too!! I just ordered US weekly to catch up on all my celeb gossip for a fraction of the price. :)


  11. I love Celeb Gossip lol :) Let me know if you got a good price on your US Weekly subs! :)


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