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Friday, October 14, 2011

On Tuesday I mentioned we have lots of projects 'The To Do' the best way for us to get them done is keep a list. The goal is to get the big and small projects done room by room. I used to be really good at keeping lists of what needs to be done around our house. Especially the first year we owned our home { we were under and an outside appearance crunch for our back yard wedding reception } In a spam of 6 - 7 months a we painted our entire house, added lots of curb appeal, rolled out sod, replaced the leaning brick flowerbed and seeded our backyard. We had a non-stop project list. There was something to do every night  and every weekend. We went from the ugliest house on the block { all one icky peach color } Who paints there house all one color? It's a don't!

To a cute charming grey house with a cheerful bright red door.

Inside we have a lot of little finishing projects to do as well as bigger ones. Here's our Project List room by room. I'm going to keep list updated and may even dedicate a page to it on the blog, just to keep us accountable.

Project List

Living Room

Touch up baseboards
Sew New Drapes
Buy Area Rug
Finish Secretary Desk
Buy Art for Walls
Hang Family Pictures

Dining Room

OK for now!


Paint Cabinets
Paint Ceiling
Paint Walls
Cut Door panels out for glass inserts
Buy Glass for Doors
Buy Hardware
Sew Roman Shade
Replace Counter tops
Install Back splash
Install one base cabinet


Paint Doors ?
Replace Doors ?
Hang Artwork
Hang Large Mirror


Hang Shelves
New Light Fixture
Paint Bathroom Cabinet
Shower Curtain

Tween Room

Rearrange Furniture
Area Rug
New Bedding
Sew Blanket
Hang Roman Shade


Area Rug
Install Tall Windows

Master Bedroom

Hang Mirror
Area Rug
Hang Curtains
Hang Artwork
Touch up Baseboards
Buy Extra Down Comfortable

I'm most excited about finally getting around to making our kitchen pretty, its hard to look at! Our dining room and kitchen share a room so one side looks polished the other dark thanks to dark cabinets and poor lighting. I'm so over it and very motivated to have a pretty bright new clean sleek stylish { you get the point, right? }

It will also be nice to have the little teeny things done hanging art up, done! Wish us luck as we cross items off this list and I know as we cross things off, many new 'To Do' items will pop on. Its never ending, but that's the way like it uh uh { now, start humming KC and the Sunshine Band's song along with me }

What's on your Project list that you been putting off and want to tackle ASAP?



  1. I have a boatload of projects going at the same time right now as I work on trying to make the house a home. From the front door to the second floor, I am working hard on something all the time. I am sure you will do an amazing job with everything.

  2. We have been putting off painting our front and back steps. I am embarrassed to say we have most of the supplies to complete the project. It’s just getting the timing right on our end. This is something that needs to be done A.S. A. P.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. Hello! I found your blog through the NewlyWoodwards and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to read more and see how the rest of your house turns out! Good luck!

  4. Your home is gorgeous! You guys have made great progress! I would love to update my kitchen cabinets. I told my husband once we do that I'll be done! But he knows I'm lying, I just really want new cabinets. LOL!!

  5. I love having a list, too. Keeps you on-track. Before snow - we need to get the walkway path in, the garage cleared out and in working order for parking vehicles, painted exterior doors and trimmed out windows. Since it could snow tomorrow for all we know in the Midwest, we'd better get working!

  6. Brandi, your way to sweet! Thank you! :)

    Kim - I love reading your wife goals list monthly!! The inspire me to take on more and do more!


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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