Rose Bush Confession

Monday, October 31, 2011

A few years ago ago before we replaced our weed filled front yard with sod, we installed a sprinkler system in the front yard and a decision to make keep the rose bush in the corner or remove it. I wasn't a huge fan of the rose bush placement in the front corner of our yard, but the purple-ish pink roses were pretty so we left it. Even in the picture below you can see its odd placement, in a big triangle at the edge our yard, just strange. 

This is my confession, I'm not a huge fan of rose bushes. I think roses are pretty, even better when they are cut roses in a vase ( hello present!). I love the look of roses growing on a trellis or up the side of the house. To me that is so pretty! I love how these climbing roses look on this home. But a rose bush all alone is kind of sad. 

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Back to our rose bush, not only did I not like the placement, it was hard to care for because it was big { the past two years I missed the cut back date time } and the thorns would poke me. So weeds would just grow around the bush, like tall weeds, we'd keep the rest of our lawn looking good, but that triangle was a sore blah spot in our yard. Since I'm not a huge fan of rose bushes by themselves and not growing up a trellis or building, we dug up the rose bush and got rid of it. Before we dug it up, we checked with a few neighbors to make sure they didn't  want, no one did. I'm so glad I was brave enough to say good bye rose bush. Plus, I think the rose bush was dying from my lack of learning to care for it. See the biggish hole? That's where the rose bush once stood with a weeds all around, plus it was too close to our lawn and not centered in the triangle.

Now I have nice size empty flower bed to work with, Hasani dug up all the weeds and left me with fresh soil. Here are my plans, I'm going to plant a flower bulb garden VERY soon since the cold weather is right around the corner in Northern California. I want to plant a few types of bulbs that bloom from early spring until late summer, I'm also going to plant two small ornamental grass-like shrubs too, for year round greenery. I love how pretty bulbs look, and they come back year after year :) easy maintenance :) I think, I know very little about gardening, I'm learning as I go.

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{ via here }

I think the bulb garden will add the perfect amount of color to our front yard, and look so pretty! The boys and I went shopping early last Saturday morning in search of the best bulb deals at Home Depot and Lowes.

I love this picture of my tween, I'm not sure why he posed like this but I find it darling. He's my little math wizard and helped me pick the most bulb for my buck.

I have a ton of bulbs to plant, I'm so excited since its my first time planting bulbs. I might plant some bulbs in our flower beds in the front of our house, just not sure yet. I'm going to keep a two of three out and force them to grow indoors for pretty winter flowers, I hope I can make it work. Pinterest and Martha Stewart are making it look so easy. To easy. I'll share the bulbs I bought, and how I planted ours in a couple of days, once Halloween is out the way.

Is there a plant around your home you don't love and are tempted to remove it? Or you did more it ? Any flowers you think are a tad overrated? Have you had experience planting bulbs? Did your bulbs come back year after year? Or are you a first time bulb planter this year like I am?


  1. Happy planting Btw I love the look of your blog!

  2. I actually need to pull up the flowers my father planted for me in July. The following morning there was a freak thunder storm and my plants did not take, I was too pregnant to worry about it at the time. I am actually going to plant a couple rose bushes there instead. Good luck with your bulbs.

  3. You'll love your bulbs! Just make sure to plant them deep enough and you'll be golden!

  4. Kim, thanks so much for the tip! :) I got bulb planter so hopefully that will help with placement!

    Summer, I'm sure you'll have much better luck with roses in your garden bed, I've seen some great deals on roses so now is the time to buy!

  5. I must say, I'm not a big fan of rose bushes either, unless there are a few and they have other plants/flowers around them. I guess cause then they look like they fit in? Excited to see how your garden looks with your new flowers. =)

  6. Hope you had a great Halloween! The only bulbs that come up for me year after year are daffodils. The winters in Sac never seem to be cold enough for anything else.

  7. I love your idea to replace the bush with a bulb garden. When we built our home I didn't put any thought into the landscaping, I told the landscaper a couple things I wanted but let him choose the majority. I now have 4 pale pink rose bushes in my front yard. (I'm sooooo not a pale pink girl!!!)

  8. Teresa thanks so much for your input since you live here!! I'm hoping the bulbs I bought were good for our climate, I'm going to do some more checking before I start planting!

    Karen, I know exactly what your saying!

  9. Hi Katrina,

    I love bulbs too - but here's a tip. Plant lots of them and many different kinds. The flowers, especially tulips have a very short bloom in Sacramento. Because we go from winter to summer with only about 2 weeks of real spring the tulips are pretty and then gone.


  10. Thank you Julie, I'll pick up some more bulbs tonight!! I might have to return the tulips, I really want long-ish lasting ones:)


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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