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Friday, November 18, 2011

Now that we have new West Elm hardware { bought it at a super discounted price!, see here } My promise { to myself } is to paint the bathroom again { this be the 2nd time this year } over the Thanksgiving Holidays, hang the hardware and hang some shelves. My BFF and her baby are coming to visit Thanksgiving Weekend and we are planning a trip to Ikea! To her Ikea is a religion, and its our first time going together so it should be a FUN time. I'm planning on buying shelves from Ikea. I recently pinned, this pretty bathroom for shelving inspiration, LOVE it. Its perfect for my tiny bathroom, I have the same tiny wall next to our toilet. I love all those shelves, perfect mix of practical and pretty. I also like the bracket hardware underneath the shelves, very cute.

{ via here }

Most likely we'll do 3-4 shelves, all stacked like in the picture, currently our extra bathroom toilet paper resides in our linen closet, but I now want to keep in the bathroom. I like these flexible white totes from the container store, perfect for toilet paper! Its cute and durable for a house full of boys. 

I also love clear storage containers, and think thees stacking ones would be perfect for me. I'm a product girl and love products and some products have to stay in the bathroom. All my other girly product stuff is my top dresser drawer in my bedroom { here }

I also like these simple acrylic bath canisters also from The Container Store, simple cute and space saving. I plan to use a mix of clear plastic containers and woven baskets on the shelves. 

I placed my order order with The Container Store yesterday, thanks so a 10% off coupon I saved a little moolah. The closest  Container Store is around 70miles away, so I decided to buy it online. I do that a lot these days, with the little guy now here I like things be delivered to our doorstop, it frees up the weekends. We also place on replacing the dated cream marble style vanity sink top with a white one. The sink base is fine its solid wood, when we bought our home I painted over the wood with dark chocolate paint and still love the look. We have boring beige cream tile floors; that wont be replaced any time soon, so I want our new wall color to compliment our floors and not work against them. I've been leaning towards a mushroom greige color. I really like Martha Stewart Living paint colors, I'm currently leaning towards two options. Both colors are neutral,and should some warmth into our bathroom 


Pottery Clay 

Right now I'm not sure if I'll keep our current white waffle shower curtain, or get a new one. I think after the walls are painted, the shelves hung and a few minor tweaks are made I'll decide. Next week is Thanksgiving { it came too fast this year } so I'll be counter-top shopping / purchasing and buying paint over the weekend. 

Are you working on any bathroom projects? Is your bathroom in need of a refresh like mine is?



  1. Love the organizing ideas! I need some of that cute storage in my bathroom.

  2. Looks like the Cobblestone has a red undertone & Pottery Clay has a yellow undertone (at least on my monitor). You'll need to decide what sort of undertone your floor tile has so the paint doesn't fight with it.

    Good luck - sounds like a great project!

  3. Thanks Ceryl - the Cobblestone has more of a grey undertone and the Pottery Clay more beige. I think the Pottery Clay might go better with the floors, decisions decisions! :)

  4. I like open shelving ideas, but hate that in this photo things that are supposed to be sanitary are so close to the toliet, ugh. Just a pet peeve of mine.

  5. Yes, TG came waaaay too fast this year!

    I love your bathroom plans - you'll be so happy with it.

    And I totally condone repainting as frequently as necessary. I've painted our kitchen and hallway twice each within 9 months. And the kitchen still doesn't look quite right...

  6. Sing, you have me cracking up! lol I plan to our shelves higher, don't want anything falling to the loo, my husband is a bit clumsy! lol

  7. Our bathroom is in need of a refresher. I would love to paint our bathroom again.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  8. I can't wait to decorate my bathroom with some of these great ideas!!

  9. Okay, I love the shelves in that bathroom know i talk alot about redoing my bathroom on my blog...and your photo is exactly like my bathroom and I never thought of putting shelves there...have fun with your holiday photos this weekend...can't wait to see them...

  10. Your house looks like our house! Arden Arcade?

  11. I love the container store, it's like a drug for organization addicts!

  12. 1. I've pinned that same bathroom organization picture.
    2. I've painted my bathroom twice this year too ;)

    I like where this is going!

  13. Kasey, I just love that bathroom's organization its so simple, fresh and clean. Exactly how I want our bathroom to look :) Cheers to re-painting a bathrooms until you get it 'just right'


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