Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finally a Hobby Lobby!

Though other bloggers I found out about a store called Hobby Lobby, where they sell Anthroplogie style hardware, and tons of mirrors and always have the best coupon deals! I've been very jealous of you all living in the Midwest and East Coast and Down South, because there where no Hobby Lobby Stores in California! Well I prayed to the Hobby Lobby Gods and my prayers were answered, they opened a store about 10 miles from my house in Northern California { Roseville } to be exact. Last Friday night { stop humming that Katy Perry song , lol}  my husband and I and the kids ventured into the Hobby Lobby. The minute I walked into the store I was blown away by the square footage and craftiness that is Hobby Lobby. It's like Micheal's and Jo-Ann's fell in love and had a baby and named her Hobby Lobby!! 

Oh yes, I'm hooked at all the crafty departments: Framing, Fabric, Home Decor { like cheap Home Decor, some of it crazy looking } the Art Section and much more. Oh and the people who work there, also nice. So this post is my ode to Hobby Lobby. I gave the Hasani the camera and asked him to walk around a snap a few pics. I was super busy, taking it all in to take in pictures myself! :) They had frames galore, a huge section of frames waiting to be framed! 

I love all the funky trim, it won't show up in my house but its fun to look at. I did buy some pom poms and if you follow me on Pinterest, then you know I have plans for them :)

They had a nice selection of various style fabrics, I saw some that caught my eye. Again the Hasani took the pictures, so I can't show you the ones I liked. But look at the thread in the background. Its cheaper than Jo-Anns!! And so are there zippers, and they actually have prices on there zippers, I hate going having to look at the stupid chart to tell me the price on zippers. Bless them for including the price on the zipper!

They have a ton of faux foliage. 

Lots and lots of home decor, some tacky and some very fun!! I like that little rope ball, very nice. Oh I also saw some great lamps, but again no pics. I was taking it all in :)

I left Hobby Lobby with a little loot and bought everything either on sale or had a coupon { I printed out early that day} I bought a picture to be framed, a pretty knob and some pom poms, I'll share all my loot soon when it shows up in future projects. 

For the Hobby Lobby veterans, what do you love, like and hate about Hobby Lobby? Do you skip Jo-Anns and Micheal's and head directly for their child Hobby Lobby? What's your last Hobby Lobby score? How often do you stop in there?

For the Hobby Lobby novices out their, have you heard of the store? Ever been to one? What's your favorite craft store?



  1. There is a brand new Hobby Lobby not 10 miles from me in Rancho Cucamonga (Southern California) I have been wanting to stop in, I am afraid I am going to break the bank when I do! Glad you enjoyed the visit, I will be searching for coupons!

  2. Hobby Lobby is the best! They have one of a kind finds and amazing sales ALWAYS :) I prefer them over all of the craft stores because their prices tend to be better. We went a couple of weeks ago and racked up on bathroom decor and Thanksgiving decor. I also LOVE their selection of Christmas ornaments; so many options in so many different colors!

    Myers Maison

  3. I can't believe you guys didn't have a Hobby Lobby! I didn't know they weren't all over the states. We have one and I love it. I go there for ribbon, scrapbook paper, seasonal decorations (after the season so they're on sale), baskets and clearance items. It's fun to look around - they have so much stuff!

  4. We don't have one here in Massachusetts either and I am so jealous of all of you that have them near! I've never been to one, but I hear wonderful things! I keep telling the boyfriend that we need to roadtrip up to NH one weekend to check it out!!!

  5. I love H.L. I get so inspired in there.

  6. Lauren, I loved the Christmas section! This year I want to make a few ornaments with the kiddos :) I'm going to get my supplies from Hobby Lobby.

    Sara, I exactly what your saying! Our Hobby Lobby just opened a few weeks ago! Make it a road trip and stop in thrift stores along the way:)

  7. There's a pretty new one not too far from us and we've never been. Definitely need to make it there!

  8. Good for you! Isn't it a fun place? I've found that their prices on custom framing are a lot better than other craft stores, I won't name names (Michaels!) Don't be surprised if you find yourself there on a weekly basis.

  9. We do not have a Hobby Lobby in our state... I'm so jealous! I need more options (in person) when purchasing my fabric.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  10. Mrs. Delightful, keep praying the Hobby Lobby Gods that they open one near you! :) I hope you have a Home Fabrics near you, they have a great affordable selection of fabric!

  11. I love Hobby Lobby too! I was just there checking out their Christmas decorations last weekend. I love their prices! One note of caution, if an item is not on sale, either take a coupon or wait for it to go on sale. They rotate their sale items every week, so your item will eventually go on sale! Also, they accept electronic coupons, so don't worry if you forget it; just pull the coupon up on your phone! Happy shopping!

  12. I love Hobby Lobby, I just wish they were open on Sundays!

  13. I love HL too! I agree, the people that work there are really friendly and helpful! They have great prices, stuff's always on sale!

  14. I am SO glad you posted this! I am in Elk Grove, and heard that there was a new one up in Roseville. I am definitely going to check it out! Woohoo!

  15. Omg!! I live in Natomas and I had no idea there was one in Roseville. Ive been hearing about them all over the blogs, too. I'm excited to go check it out.


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