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Friday, March 23, 2012

On my mind this week is Parties! Which has a had a huge affect of on my pinning pretty ideas for Avery's birthday party and other fun parties (BBQ, Summer Fling Party, Back to School Party etc). I love parties at home, especially in backyards, after all we had our Wedding Reception in our backyard (see here). The my 'Pin of the Week' is all about pretty simple back yard parties!

Pin of the Week: Backyard Party 

What's your favorite Pin of the Week? Feel free to include the link? Do you love backyard parties as much as I do? Are you planning on having one soon?



  1. I also love Backyard parties! For Some reason I feel as though you can be a bit more creative =)

  2. I am planning two parties at the end of the summer. I hope to have my backyard ready! I have to rent tents and decorate those! Here is one link I adore from pintrest.

    1. Summer Thanks for sharing! I will check out your Pinterest link :)

  3. Back here in Uganda we would call is a Garden Party....I love parties set up in the Gardens,because depending on the set up of the place,it calls for less decorating..

    Ritah Nakyeyune


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