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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its finally happening after living with our current counter tops for more days than I care to think of ( well over a thousands days) we are finally giving them the heave-ho and having new counter tops installed!! Yep, that sentence required two exclamation points :) I'm beyond thrilled, picture me with a sledgehammer dancing around my kitchen ready to start demo, lol 

We want to get our counter-tops replaced in June, which is right around the corner! Right now were not to far into the process regarding who's going to install them. Here's what I do know: DIY the counter demo, install new counters, DIY white subway tile, installing a stainless steal kitchen sink, replacing our facet and getting a new garbage disposal. Replacing our counter tops has been on my mind for quite sometime, in fact a six months after moving into our home went to a few local tile shops and got some samples. The timing wasn't right ( we were planning our wedding and doing lots of DIY projects around the house and then we got pregnant and demo and my pregnancy didn't mix) Now I feel the timing is finally right and want to get started on this project asap. 

I want our kitchen to feel clean and fresh, right now the area is very very dark. Our current cabinets are dark brown, and the current counters are white with dark brown thick grout (yuck!) and our floors are dark brown (faux wood floors) even with our good sized kitchen window, the area is dark. Our plan is to lighten everything up, and say bye bye to its current gloomy state. We have decided not to spend the extra money on Granite or Quartz both our nice but, way more than we care to spend on our small kitchen. My personal goal is to spend less than 1k on new counters. With that budget in mind, solid surface is our best option. Here's a look at the counter top selections, the lighter natural counter samples with decided to to nix, we picked those ones long ago when we were first thinking of replacing our counters.  

Samples left to right skipping the ones mentioned above: Corian Night Sky, Corian Rain Cloud, Corain Glacier White 

Option # 1
I really like the look of Corian Rain Cloud with the white subway tile, the tile really picks up the softer white tones in the Rain Cloud sample. The tones are more noticeable in person. Corian Rain Cloud is so pretty I love the subtle grey veining. 

Option # 2
This is how the white subway tile looks with with the Glacier white Corian. The glacier white is pretty and so much whiter than the softer white subway tile. 

Option # 3
Another option that I've always liked is going with dark almost black counters and white subway tile. The look is classic and clean. The black Corian reminds me of satin finish granite. 

Not An Option
Lastly, this is my dream 'A girl can dream category', gorgeous marble slab of pretty with subway tile!! I love the look, but it would blow my budget away lol, but I still had to share!! :)

After going back with and forth with the options. I really think I prefer the white on white look of Option # 1 & 2. I really love the look of pretty much white counters with white cabinets and eventually stainless steal appliances. 

On Sunday evening we stooped on Lowes to get the pricing on the samples we liked, because in the end it all boils down to square footage we have roughly 25sq + feet of counters that need to be replaced. I'm also not sure how they take into account sinks and free standing stoves into the overall counter measurements. I'll know more when we have them professionally measured soon. Here's the price per feet breakdown at our local Lowes in Sacramento: Option # 1 falls into the E category at $72 a square foot total $ 1800.00 for kitchen budget blown!  Option # 2 falls into the A category at $ 39 a square foot total $ 975.00. Both of my totals don't include pricing on sink cutouts and holes for facets. I'll know more about the extras when I speak to a CSR at Lowes. While we where at Lowes, I noticed LG HI-MACS also has a solid white counter option. I need to see how the counters compare against Corian, but I'm liking the pricing, two dollars less per square foot can add up.  

I also snapped at picture of Allen + Roth pricing - the white counters I like are $ 33.00 a square foot. I need  to do some research on the warranty, but the total would be $ 825.00. 

Now back to the backslash, I've love the look of white subway tile for eons. I LOVE it, the look is timeless, pretty and clean. So if we go with Option # 2 white counters and white subway tile, white cabinets, I think we can pull the look out with out our kitchen feeling sterile. Here's some white kitchens I love.

I love the white counters (OK they are marble, but from a distance they look pure white) look pretty with the white cabinets and white backsplash. I'm also a fan of glass doors on cabinets, we got the middle sections of our cabinets cut a while back, next we'll be adding glass once the doors are painted.

{via Pinterest}

This kitchen is almost perfect example of the look I want (but on a much much larger scale!)

{ via Pinterest}

If we stay on budget with the other items we need to make our counter makeover complete (new sink, new facet and new garbage disposal) I would love to have marble subway tile for the backsplash. That would be PRETTY! 

{ via Decorpad }

I plan to make a lot of headway on our counter project this weekend, I will be stopping into a local kitchen showroom and getting prices vs. going with Lowes. Right now I'm leaning towards Lowes because we can use our Lowes card and save 5% on our counters, of course we'll make a payment right away and pay the credit card off.   

What do you think our countertop selections? If you had your counters replaced did you go with the Big box store or keep it local? Do you know if the included free standing stoves in the square footage when measuring for solid surface counters??  



  1. I'm really surprised that Corian is that much cheaper for you. We've looked into counter-tops, and found that solid surface, quartz, and granite all cost about the same. I still haven't decided what we'll get.

    I prefer the rain cloud, but option 2 is also quite nice, much better than the black. White kitchens are classic--you then can put pops of bright color depending on your mood.

    As for the marble "not an option", don't feel bad. That material is actually quite terrible for kitchen counters! It's pretty high maintenance.

    1. Hi Starr, I think the Corian is much cheaper, since we are considering going with 'Group A' and in Corian there are only a couple of 'Group A' choices, because group B jumps up 12 more a square foot. I'm hoping after we visit a local supplier we'll have a better idea on what to go with and finding the perfect shade of white

  2. I love option 1 the Rain Cloud. Not that that's helpful for your budget. I have LG solid surface HiMac counter tops from Lowe's. I love them. They are so easy to clean and have held up so well. They look brand new after four years. I have a much larger kitchen and I think they cost about $2,100, which we put on the Lowe's card interest free for 18 months. They also threw in a free sink valued at $475 when we bought it. It isn't stainless steel but it is seamless, all one piece of the counter. And I LOVE it. No more crud getting stuck in the lip of the sink. If you went with an under mount stainless steel you'd avoid that. Can't wait to see what you choose!

    1. I know I love Rain Cloud too, but the price jump is crazy $33 more a sq foot, insanity lol

      Thank you so much for your input! I will pop into Lowes tonight and look at the LG HIMAC samples more closely, I like the pricing much better than Corian. So good to hear your have held up so well after four years! We are planing on going with a stainless steal under mount sink for a more seamless look. I getting more excited about this project! :)

  3. Hi

    We had Corian countertops in a mid grey/brown called Maui installed by Lowes 4 years ago. I know when the installers came to measure, our free standing stove wasn't included in the square footage.

    I really love the durability and it looks the same as when it was installed. Our undermount white solid surface sink was free with the deal we got, but at the time our local Lowes didn't allow stainless steel sinks with Corian.

    Good luck with your decision, all the options look really nice.

    Victoria C

    1. Victoria - Thank you so much for information about how they determine square footage! I'm so glad you love your counter tops, I'm hoping we can get a 'free sink deal' when we place our order :)

  4. I love option 2! I know the kitchen will be lovely when you are all done.

  5. How will you choose? I can't even make a decision as an impartial blog readers. I know it will be fabulous, whatever you do!

  6. I like option 1 but option 2 is good too. We have black granite(came with the house) but if I were to redo our kitchen, I'll definitely go with white! Can't wait to see what you do!

  7. Ohh, I'm a big fan of the Rain Cloud! I've debated it for our own kitchen, I think we're going with Quartz - but I've seen it done up VERY large and it's truly lovely. Good luck! xo

    1. Rain Cloud makes me weak in the knees, lol :) I'm hoping LG Hi-Macs has the look of rain cloud, in a more affordable choice

      I think quartz is such a pretty option! Looking forward to seeing your choices :)

  8. I like option 2 as well. It’s going to be gorgeous!

  9. I love option two and three.

    Mrs. Delightful

  10. Changing the certain kitchen countertops is one step up your goals so that you can renovate the kitchen, but it is considered the biggest phase by simply lots of. It is possible to really create a statement about your kitchen along with your residence with the proper number of counter top material.

  11. I like the black counter with white subway tile and the marble and white subway tile looks. I wasn't a huge marble fan, in fact, I cringe at green marble and things that seem over the top (think Trump style) and dated. But white marble with gray veins is so fabulous to me...

    1. Miya, I so agree with you white marble with grey veins YES Please, trump style marble screams 80's to me :) lol

  12. My sister and I have plans of renovating our parents' kitchen. And the last time we talked about it, we argued between a white and a stainless countertop. After reading this, I came up with the great idea of doing some mix-and-match. We’ll have a white counter then since most of my parent’s kitchen appliances are stainless. I think that would be nice, especially that a lot of people are getting into this kind of trend these days.

  13. I would go for option # with black counters and white tiles, plus with stainless steel hardware. It’s gonna be perfect! Your kitchen will definitely be beautiful. Shining, shimmering! it is :))

  14. The best advantage of installing solid wooden worktops is that they are natural looking and will never go out of fashion.


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