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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My name is Katrina and I'm addicted to Instagram, I blame this on my husband. He download the APP and I was hooked. I love seeing what fellow friends, bloggers and readers are up to it so much fun! I love it as much as Pinterest! I no longer Tweet, because I'm always on Instagram and Facebook and me were never cool. I'm seriously thinking on deleting my page, because I'm never on there ever. Here's pictures of our life via Instagram. I love taking pictures and sharing what's happening in our life, oh and creating funny #aboutwhatsgoingonatchiclittlehouse 

Here are a few #(hashtags, I like using) 

#omgheissocute # thoughthefire #dailyavery #christmasinthemaking 

Row One
Our 1st Real Christmas tree in a basket, Tabari playing with Avery at the Park, My addiction to Starbucks, I cut back to only 1 a week! Avery picked out his pumpkin this year
Row Two
Homemade Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars, Avery exploring at the park, Going down the slide, DIY Superhero Cape, I made
Row Three
Me & my natural curls, Avery's lunch, Our dressers being restored! Looking at fabric samples for the living room, mood board coming soon
Row Four
My new Kitchen Aide Mixer, Sweet Potato Cupcake Batter, Shopping at West Elm, Lovely white dishes at Kohls 

Are you on Instragram? Do you love coming up with funny hashtags too? What are you favorite phone apps? 

Follow me on Instragram @mrsclh I hope to see you on Instagram! 



  1. Very cute pictures! I'm trying to post more pictures now so I can have my on Printstagram!

    1. I'll have to check out Printstagram :)

  2. I am also loving instagram! Just so happens my last blog post was about instagram. :) So needless to say the apps I am lovin right now are instagram and google reader! If you don't recognize my name Darnetha I am @chippasunshine!

    1. Hi Darnetha!! Its great to put your name to your Instragram name :) Instagram is so much :) I'll have to check out your latest blog post!

  3. Thanks for clarifying....the snuggles & the instagram socialmatic camera polaroid buy wine.....I'd take wine over snuggles any day! Lol


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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