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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Personally, I've always felt the question What is your style? The hardest question to answer when it comes to design especially if your like me and can appreciate many different design ascetics (Coastal,  Country, Modern, Shabby Chic just to name a few) Since buying our home four years ago, I've been slowly defining my style and editing down and finding what I love. Regardless where I lived before becoming a homeowner I loved decorating each apartment I lived and wanted it to reflect me, hope that makes sense. 

Anyways over the years my style has evolved, and now with our home re-building project underway, I'm really getting the chance to define my style all at once (Windows, Doors, Trim, Vanities, Fabrics and much more) The all at once approach for me at times can feel overwhelming, because I want to get it 'right.' I've been doing a lot of thinking about my personal design style and how I want the main rooms in our house too feel & flow. I'm a non fussy person, and I enjoy spaces most when they are comfortable but still feel very chic. The past few months, I started calling my design style 'California Modern Casual.' 

For me the look of California Modern Casual: is relaxed, chic with clean lines, natural elements, great natural light, layers of colors and pattern. For me this defines my California lifestyle. My family is chill, loves the outdoors, prefers being comfortable over formal most of all we live and play in our home.  I pulled together a few pictures of living spaces that have the style I prefer for my home, all feel like my style. 

1. via Pinterest 2. via Pinterest 3. via Pinterest 4. via Pinterest 

I adore the living spaces above, layered in pattern and color with simple lines on the furniture all feel pulled together yet relaxed. You can see my ideas for our living room here

I mentioned last week, we plan on making several floor plan changes to our home, read more about them here our living room and dining room will now be much more open to each other. We decided to widen the original door way almost double the size, this will make our home feel so much more open. Since our dining room is actually an eat-in kitchen / dining room I prefer dining rooms that flow effortlessly between the living room and kitchen that are casual enough for Sunday pancakes and chic enough for fine China that same night. I like this dining room below perfect mix of chic and kid friendly. 

It feels good to define my style and pin point my likes and dislike. Now that I've shared my style of California Modern Casual, What is your Design Style? And how do you define it? 



  1. It's gonna look so look when it's done, can't wait to see it once you've dressed it all up.

    1. Thanks Toya! I'm hoping our living & dining room gives our friends and family a hug when they walk though the door! :)

  2. Hi Katrina! Love this post:) My design style is definitely eclectic with bohemian tendencies! I honestly have no idea how to define it rather than to say if I love something, it goes in my space, no matter what the specific style of the piece is. Somehow it all just makes sense together in a quirky kinda way.

  3. Oh and you can also throw in a dash of vintage to the mix for me as well!

    1. Love your style! And I agree on only bringing home pieces that you and it will work no and feel like you

  4. I would say I'm Chic and vintage (with a dash of everything else)

    Mrs. Delightful

  5. Great post! I call my style modern classic. I prefer a timeless look, but I like to keep it fresh, with simple, clean-lined furniture punched up with fun colors, textiles and accessories. Incidentally, that describes my fashion sensibility as well.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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