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Friday, January 18, 2013

As a mom of a toddler, most days my mind is finding the perfect toy storage solution of my home. I've been gathering ideas from Pinterest, looking for great toddler toy storage ideas.  
My goal is to find a nice bookcase or cabinet that can grow with him. I like the mix of open and closed storage, like Martha's daughter used in her kids nursery. Then I'm also drawn to all open toy storage. I plan on checking out some local thrift stores over the weekend, hopefully I'm come across a gem. 

Pin of the Week: Kids Toy Storage 

{via Pinterest from MSL }

{via Pinterest}

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  1. I love open storage for nice wooden toys that look good. I really hate looking at all the plastic noisy ones, though. Isn't that unfair that most of the time kids like those the most!

  2. I have that same bedroom pinned for my son as inspiration, I just love the nautical feel it has without being related to the ocean. The sand, blue and sea foam hues would work so well in any little guys room! I love your idea for shelving to!


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