Looking Forward to 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yesterday I shared my favorite blog posts from 2013 month by month. Today i'm thinking about 2014 and what's ahead for this year. I'm not much a resolution person, but becoming more of a goal setter. Click here to read my goal list from 2013, on the personal side and home goals I did pretty good....of course some things didn't happen so they'll be rolling into 2014 :) My personal theme this year is organizing, not just our belonging and our house, but also my time. Time is precious and I know that keeping myself organized and living with intention will allow me to focus my time on doing what I truly love: creating, decorating, exploring in the kitchen, drawing & painting....and of course blogging. 

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Personal Goals 2014

Continue drinking lots and lots of water
Let go of self doubt 
Follow my heart, and just go for it! 
Host a Cocktail Party or Two?
Attend a live music concerts (seeing one in Feb)
Gain more confidence using larger power tools: miter saw / wet saw (pretty much all saws)
Invest in myself: take a photography class 
Throw a Early Spring Housewarming! 
Have a Girlfriends Brunch this year 
Cook with my kids
Learn More Sewing Skills
Make things more from Scratch: Breads, Pizza Dough, Pancakes etc 
Invest in myself and my personal time to create: draw / paint / read & write more
Have individual mom time for Avery & Tabari: Movie dates, dinner dates and playing 

Home Goals 

Fill Our home with things we only absolutely LOVE 
Create an Organized Mudroom & Laundry Room
Print Pictures out and Enjoy them!
Park My SUV in the Garage 
Organize our kitchen cabinets from top to bottom 
Create a creative and fun bedroom for both my boys
Make our bedroom a relaxing retreat
Make a stunning master closet space 
Make our Living & Dining areas feel warm and cozy 
Install Crown Molding throughout our home - even in the laundry / mudroom 
Plant a Garden an small Vegetable & Herb Garden 
& Much More

Do you have a personal theme for 2014?


  1. I love your lists! I'm similar to you in that I don't make resolutions, I just look forward to the newness of a year ahead. I do want to blog more this year though because I was horrible with it last year, lol! I'd also like to explore more with my camera and do some fun videos every now and then.

    1. Videos would be so much fun! I need to add to my list a house tour video...as our home looks now and then maybe update it later in the year :) Yeah for a new full of new goals

  2. Awesome list my friend!! I'm crossing my fingers for you on the parking of your SUV;). I'd love to take on using bigger power tools and making more things from scratch, too.

    1. I hate that we moved back in and plumped crap in the garage and haven't done much in there since! lol That's all about to change, I refuse to walk to my SUV in the rain lol :)

  3. Okay, I love your home goal of parking your SUV in the garage! One personal goal I would love is to take a photography class.

    1. Darnetha the SUV in the garage is priority number one around here!! Maybe this weekend! :) I've been looking into local classes this year too and its a must -- time to hone those skills we use all the time and love

  4. Love your list! I too want to learn how to use the power tools...Let's Do It!! ;)

  5. Great list... and highly achievable! I am on a mud room mission too!

  6. I enjoyed reading through your list Katrina, made me think of a few goals I need to set for myself.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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