Living Room Update: New Coffee Table

I'm so excited to share my recent living update, my new marble coffee table. If you've been reading my blog for a while then you know I found my old coffee table on Craigslist. At the time it checked all the boxes: Oval, Iron, Heavy p+ a good mix between modern a classic style. While I absolutely love my old coffee table, I was ready for a change for a few simple reasons. I wanted to switch up the foot print of our living room, and wanted a solid surface vs glass. Bottom line after loving and styling my coffee table for almost four years I was ready for a change.

After looking at several options, I was quickly drawn to the Slab Marble coffee table with a modern base from CB2. I measured the new coffee table size against our old to make sure a smaller coffee table in both height and width would be a fit our living room. While the new coffee table has a smaller footprint than our old one, its a better fit. 

Our new marble slab coffee table isn't as wide, allowing for more legroom between our twin sofas, which I'm loving. I ordered this beauty back in December as a Merry Christmas to our house. The coffee table was on back-order until mid-march. 

My Living Room, side by side 

The coffee table arrived with White Glove service a few weeks ago and the movers set it exactly in the spot I wanted. The table is heavy and so pretty. I'm obsessed with the pretty veining of the marble, its stunning. I book marked this article from Martha Stewart Living on how to care for marble, that way my table can stay pretty and stain free. We use coasters for glasses / cups placed on the coffee table. We're not big red wine drinkers, so no worries on red wine being spilled on the coffee table. 

I just checked the status to see when the Slab Coffee table will be available on CB2, it says it will be back in stock in mid May, trust me its worth the wait! Since the table arrived, I've had so much fun styling my coffee table! 

What do you think of my new coffee table? What's your current coffee table style? Thrifted, Solid wood, waterfall table? 

FYI: If your local to the Sacramento Area and need of a good well loved coffee table super stylish coffee table, shoot me an email at Hello@ChicLittleHouse 

Fenced-in Veggie Garden

We built a Raised Garden bed, in hopes of growing our own veggies to enjoy during the Spring and Summer months. The first year we had it, it was fantastic and it was so much fun to walk into our backyard and pick tomatoes and snip herbs. We planted bell peppers, peppers, herbs and too many tomato bushes! The tomato bushes were no joke. For the past two years our garden has sat empty whomp whomp. Last year we opted to grow a few herbs indoors. This year the plan is to start growing our own veggies again. But we've hit a snag. 

Last year we got a puppy, the sweetest chocolate lab ever. He's a total sweetheart, but he's still in full on puppy mode and has no problem digging up bushes and plants (he's ruined his fair share, trust me). In order to even be able to plant veggies in our raised garden bed we had to decided what to do to keep anything we plant safe.  

The plan? We've been talking about fencing in our current garden, leaving space for a small walkway and adding a small door that allows us to access the garden. 

I wasn't sold on the whole, build a fence around our little veggie garden. While I love the look of fenced in gardens, I thought our existing garden would be to small to 'good' fenced in. Thankfully, I found some incredible inspiration!!

image via Rugged Life

image via Rugged Life

The garden below is much grander and larger fenced-in garden, but it seriously gives me...maybe one day I'll have a garden this big vibes! 

image via This Old House

image via This Old House

This is project I would like to tackle once I wrap our small patio design planWanting to build your own backyard raised garden bed? Are you wanting to build a rasied garden bed in your backyard, its easier than you think. Hope over to this blog post and see how we built our garden bed in our backyard. 

My Small Patio: Modern Design Plan

A few days ago, on Small Home Style I shared design ideas for small patios, to help create a lovely outdoor space. In my backyard we have to patios a large patio perfect entertaining and family dinners. Our second patio is small and right outside our bedroom French doors. While rebuilding our house, we installed French doors and a small patio. I loved the idea of having a smaller more intimate patio for my husband and I to enjoy. The patio has been pretty much empty, except for an old small cafe table and chairs on it that we don't use (it's not right for our space)

Before starting my design plans, I thought about our intended use for the space. My goal is for us to enjoy coffee on the patio on weekends. At night I envision us using the space to unwind talk, listen to music and drink wine. I want this patio to feel comfortable and like an extension of my home. This space has been untouched / unloved for three and a half years and I'm so excited to finally create a space that we'll use.

My plan is to create a patio space that feels like an extension our home, by bringing the outside, below is design inspiration for my small patio along with the design plan.

Small Patio: Modern Design 

Here's how my patio looked two years ago and trust me not much has changed. Our tree has grow in larger, creating a pretty canopy framing the French doors. We recently planted Happy Wanderer Vines on each side of the French doors. The flowers are a pretty purple color and the vines are Evergreen. Thankfully, the vines will sty green year round even when not in bloom. 

So far for my patio, I've purchased the Standish Sofa and Coffee table, planted the vines. Up next, we'll work on DIY trellis, hang string lights and add planters. I plan on sharing my small updates on Instagram and the blog. 

What do you think of the design plans for my small patio?