Home Depot Style Challenge: Summer Games

This is one of those pinch me moments! I was recently asked to participate in the inaugural edition of The Home Depot Style Challenge Summer Games edition. For me this is huge, I'm the girl who likes walking the aisles of Home Depot on Fridays, that's my type of fun. The challenge material was: wood, metal or PVC. Once you received your challenge material, the goal was to create a game. My challenge material was to create a game using PVC pipes. I came up with the idea of making bowling pins from PVC. I wanted to game to be interactive, colorful and fun for all age groups. 

Head over to The Home Depot Apron Blog, to see how I used PVC pipes to create bowling pins. In addition my husband and I also built a hanging chalkboard to keep score! The game was lots of fun to create, but was even better watching my family have fun on our back yard playing and knocking over those PVC pins. Also check out the other amazing creative games my fellow Challengers came up with! Hope to see your comments and thoughts on The Apron Blog!