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Bedding Refresh with Whim

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My favorite time of the year to do a bedding refresh is in Spring. Spring always feels like a re-fresh for the soul, its the time of the year your home gets a nice deep cleaning, pillows get refreshed and windows get opened first thing in the morning letting crisp cool air fill your home. 

I love anything Martha, as in Martha Stewart and was thrilled (huge understatement) 
to team up with Martha Stewart Living and complete a Spring bedding makeover with the new bedding line Martha Stewart Whim, now available at Macy's in store March and online. I've been a long time Martha fan, I love that she effortlessly combines chic, timeless in all things she touches. My oldest sons bedding has been in need of a fresh look for Spring season, the plan is to layer in key pieces of bedding essentials from Whim with a few of his existing bedding. 

For his new bedding we choose the Martha Stewart Whim Different Strokes Quilt, along with the Different Strokes Sham paired with Stripe Sheets. To say I love how his bedding refresh turned out is an understatement. His bed now looks so grownup, comfortable, while still looking like a teen. I'm a huge believer in making sure kids rooms feels like the kid that actually dwells in the room. I'm happy to say this feels like my son. 

 I also love the pretty quilted stitching detail on the quilt and how each strip almost feels brushed on and relaxed verses pretty lines. 

Just had to share this picture of Martha Stewart from her modeling days in NYC, love that her iconic image is on the her new bedding line. In addition to these cute stripe sheets from Martha Stewart Whim, there are several more sheet collections that your going to love too, from cute dots, floral prints and cute flamingos! To see more of Martha's new collection, please click here

My son is super happy with how his Spring refresh turned out, he said his bed feels perfectly comfortable and perfect for hours of playing on his WII U, and that makes me happy! Next up on our agenda for his room is hanging up more artwork, shelves for storage and possibly a desk revamp / change up. Stay tuned.  

This post is Sponsored by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia 

Tween Bedroom Redo: Love This Fabric

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've had a thing for grey stripped fabric for quite sometime. From pillows to drapes, I can't get enough. It's one of the those timeless looks that I love any room. I wanted to add some grey stripes to my sons bedroom Super Bad. 

{ via here }

{ via Cote De Texas }

So I started hunting for grey stripped fabric, and kept coming up empty handed, until I looked on under quilting fabric. Over the recent yeas quilting fabric has become more modern, so I crossed my fingers. I found the perfect Grey Stripped Fabric from Micheal Miller called Two By Two. I thought it would be the perfect fabric for drapes in my sons bedroom. Remember his Tween Bedroom Redo, yeah i'm still slowly working on it and hope to have his room completed soon. Here's the fabric on his desk, I love thats the grey stripes are darker than his bedroom wall, I also got Tabari's approval on the fabric! 

He and I have discussed changing his bedding I originally bought months ago from JC Penny's sadly the comforter set faded (bad!) looks like we've had it for years. We'll keep it and use it for his company when he has friends over. So we made a trip to Ikea and found a potential duvet set. I liked another set better, but its his bedroom, lol. I do like how the open circles look with the stripe grey fabric. 

Originally his bedroom color scheme was grey, navy blue and red.At this point, I'm not sure how I like the limy green and red? I plan on making the drapes this weekend and going from there. 

What do you think the grey striped fabric, are you a fan of it as well? What do you think, nix the red?

Sons Tween Room: Refinished Desk, Before & After

Monday, August 2, 2010

Do you remember the desk beat up desk I found for my sons bedroom redo a couple of weeks ago, the one I paid a mere $15 bucks for? Well after a lot of hard work and maybe a little whining from me his desk is all finally completed. When I first started planning his bedroom makeover I thought a painted desk would look cute (but that was when I bought desk # 1) after buying his wood grain drum shade light fixture, I really wanted to stain his desk a deep walnut like our dining room table. However the top his is desk is laminate, so I went in another direction and was inspired by Young House Love's  dresser to refinish Tabari's desk into a mix of modern and vintage. I have to say it was a lot of work, but so worth itBefore I show you the after, I have to remind you of the before, in all its glory (note the sarcasm) 

This desk was a hot mess: missing hardware and lots and lots of writing on the top of the desk and a funky box on the bottom of the desk. Even though it was a hot mess, I loved the vintage lines of the desk which gave it more charm. The desk was also a solid piece of furniture, all wood (except the very top) and super heavy.

After we refinished our dining room table, I received a lot of emails about the steps refinishing and sanding etc. Since I slacked and didn't do a how to post then, I created one for the desk.

How to Refinish a Desk

Like any painting project or staining project, clean the wood with a soapy water and a clean rag, and let dry. 


I sanded the entire desk with out Black and Decker Mouse power sander, I used 60 grit sandpaper. I made sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain, when you sand in the direction of the wood grain you get a nice smooth finish. I used a combination of the power sander and hand sander. Next I sanded the entire desk and drawers with a 220 fine grit sanding block, which leaves a nice smooth finish. 


I love the staining part of  this project the best, this is when you see all your handwork payoff. We used Minwax Wood Finish Dark Walnut 2716, fortunately we had left over stain from our dining room table project. I applied the stain with a brush going the same direction of the stain. I took my time applying the stain to the desk and made sure I made to drips on the desk finish. The directions recommended waiting waiting 5-15 minutes before wiping away excess stain. However I let the stain sit on the desk for 25 minutes so stain would really soak in. Then I wiped away the excess stain using lint free cloth, again wiping in the same direction as the wood grain. 

I wanted the desk to be a nice rich dark oak, so I applied another coat of stain following the same directions as the first coat. After wiping down the second coat with a clean lint free rag, the desk was a nice rich dark walnut color I was looking for, so I only did two coats of stain. 

Clear Coat 

I let the desk dry 24 hrs and before starting the clear coat application. For the clear coat I sued Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Semi Gloss. Before applying the cleat coat gently stir the the polyurethane - do not shake. Wipe away all dust and then very lightly sand the desk in the direction of the wood grain using a 220 grit sanding block. Then apply a very THIN coat of polyurethane, I applied it using a sponge brush. The dry time on the label says 6-7 hours and then you can apply another coat, I didn't want the desk too glossy so I only applied one coat. I let the clear coat dry for 8 + hours and then again very light sanded the desk with a 220 grit sanding block. This stuff is smelly just like the stain, so I left the desk outside for 48hrs before bringing the  desk inside my sons room. 


Finding hardware that fit the original wholes in the desk was a challenge!  Most standard new pulls have whole spacing thats 3 inches apart, his desk and whole spacing that was 2.5 inches apart. I thought about drilling new wholes and filling the excitsing whole with wood filler like I did with my dresser (here) but I was afraid it might not stain properly. I used cup pulls for the dresser, which kept the vibe of the vintage desk. 

For the top of Tabari's laminate desk I read YHL's instructions on using an oil based primer verses a water based primer (here) After I sanded the top of the desk, I primed the top of the dresser with 2 coats of Zisser Oil Base Primer using a sponge brush. I used two coats of primer because I wanted to make sure the writing has completely covered. I waited 30 minutes between coats of primer. Next I used a sponge roller and applied 2 coats of Valspar Gloss White Paint. Then waited and additional 24 hours to apply one thin coat of Clear Water Base Poly.

Here's Tabari's refinished desk in his bedroom. I love the contrast of the dark walnut stain and the glossy white desktop. I'm really glad the desk turned out nice! 

For some reason it was really hardware me to take a good front picture of his desk (note to self, read the camera manual!) His desk is 99% done, I still have to cut a board to fix the gap in the desk, were a pull out board once was. 

I like how the modern West Elm chair looks with his traditional desk.

Tabari's loves his new desk and thinks it looks cool. What do you think of his desk? Am I on the right track in creating a tween space that is a combination of modern and traditional?

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Sons Tween Room: On Display

Thursday, July 29, 2010

While shopping at the same thrift store I found Tabari's desk at, I also found a large cork board for $3.00. I love cork boards in general but even more hanging above a desk. I updated the basic honey oak frame with glossy white spray paint. I've mentioned before how I don't like to spray paint myself, but this time I went ahead and did it. I'm so glad it came out nice. Next I was thinking about shelving, I liked the idea of adding flaoting shelves to some eliminate kid clutter. With shelving above his desk, he would have a place to hold his books, Nintendo DS games, and his collectibles.

I thought the best place to hang the floating shelves would be next to his desk and cork board. Tabari wanted to hang his cork vertical. While I like Ikeas floating shelves, I didn't want to pay 20 bucks a shelf, since were doing his bedroom makeover on a budget. So I thought the best route to go was DIY, that way we could customize the length and depth of the shelf. We spent around $ 10 bucks for the two shelves. 

Here my son's DIY floating shelves hanging in his room. I painted the shelves a nice glossy white. The floating shelves we built for our son are nice and deep, 24 inches long and 8 inches deep. Perfect to hold stacks of books, leaning pictures and more. I love how the shelves look next to his grey walls & cork board. 

I'm glad I found a special spot to keep his birthday mouse ears from Disneyland, the back of his hat has is name on it. 

Tabari's most prized possession on his shelves: his super heroes [  Incredible Hulk, Ironman & Spiderman, he needs two more to complete his collection ] and his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Those books are suck a great read of boys 8 and older! He and I and will read them to together, they are too funny :)

Believe it or not, these shelves are super simple to build. Thanks to the help of Ron Hazelton's House Calls, we watched the videos and got the basic idea and built the shelves, we also got free cuts from Lowes. His bedroom is coming together, just in time - his school starts back in less than two weeks! 

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Sons Tween Room: Wrap Chair = Desk Chair

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I won a Get It Girl Style's West Elm Giveaway. My prize: my choice of three very cool Chairs from West Elm. I had a crush on the West Elm Wrap chair for quite sometime, and was super excited I won one { thanks Tam & West Elm! } I thought the wrap chair would make a nice desk chair for Tabari's room. When the chair arrived he loved it, and thought it was super cool. The chair is comfy and was easy to put together. 

I decided to order the white wrap chair, because I liked the contrast of the white against his grey bedroom walls, and the white is just so sleek. I also choose white just in case in he didn't like it, I could easily use the chair elsewhere. Here's the chair is his bedroom, as you can see from the picture, I need to touch up his baseboards! 

This weekend, I'll be wrapping up some projects for his tween bedroom, I just love saying that word. 

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Sons Tween Room: 3rd Times the Charm

Friday, July 16, 2010

You know the old saying third times the charm, I think this applies to finding the perfect desk for my sons room. Yep over the past year I've bought him three desks. I'm not to embarrassed to admit, two didn't work out as planned. The story of buying the perfect desk for my son actually began over a year ago. A few months after we bought our house I began stalking looking on Craigslist for a little desk. I found a simple small desk for $ 10 bucks on Craigslist that needed some love. I planned to paint the desk red and update the hardware. Well the desk sat in the garage and has been there every since. I planned on taking a pic of the desk, but there's hardly any light in my garage. 

Fast forward three weeks ago, I found a perfectly good desk on Craigslist { again } that needed updating, a big plus was the desk came with nice simple wood chair. But after bringing it home and paying $ 30.00 I realized its not the one. I know your probably thinking I'm a little crazy, but it means so much to me to be able to work on a space for our son that reflects his personalty. I thought about re-listing  the item on Craigslist or selling it in our yard sale, but thought my sister would want it for my nephews bedroom. My nephew and sister loved the desk, as is. I'm am doing one little update on the desk, spraying the handles ( that are faded gold ) a black matte color. Once its made its way over to my sister's house, I snap a picture of it on my nephew rooms with its mini makeover. 

I found the 'third times the charm desk' while doing a little thrifting over the weekend. I found a neglected desk sitting in the corner all by itself, it was only $ 15.00. I looked it over and over, checked out the drawers and liked the style of the desk. It's a little larger than his second desk. I plan to update the hardware { yup, one pull is missing & one is hanging by only one screw } and remove that funky box the previous owner attached the the bottom of the desk. As well as fix the 'empty' space where the drawers are. 

The top of the desk is pretty beat up, nothing some Kilz Stain Block Oil Primer can't fix. I'm looking forward to getting this project done. I got some recent inspiration from Tabari's new light fixture in his room, I want the desk to be a mix of modern and classic { same as his room}. If all goes well, meaning I don't have to deal with 100 + degree weather, I'll have an after to share with you all next week and my son will have a new desk! 

Out of the two desks, which do you prefer? Has this happened to you: bought a piece of furniture and then kept right on looking just in case something better { in your eyes } came along?

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Sons Tween Room: Light the Room in Style

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I couldn't wait to replace the boring lights our son's room. He had a very basic light fixture in his room that gave off adequate light, but it's boring. It was the same light fixture we had in our dining room, and master bedroom before we updated them. My son and I start looking for lights for his bedroom a few weeks back, starting our 'looking trip' at Ikea. I like that Ikea has a great light options that are affordable and great value. I really liked the Borja pendant lamp, I liked the look of the basket weave, but $59.99 was a bit more than I wanted to spend. 

He like the Fado pendant light. I thought it was cool too and like the price of $ 29.99, however I worried it might be too small for his bedroom. We decided while he was at his grandpa's that I would continue the search for a light fixture and gather more ideas, if I found nothing he liked I would buy the Fado pendant from Ikea.

As luck would have it while shopping for a Carpenters Clamp at Lowes for his bedroom, I spotted a the perfect light fixutre for his bedroom. It was a large drum shade { you know I love drum shades! } pendant light fixture. Now I've seen a few of these at Lowes before, but at 
$79.99 they weren't in the budget - so I kept it moving! However this one was on clearance and I loved the look of the shade. The shade resembles dark walnut wood grain. Very cool vibe. It was on clearance for $ 53.98, I just couldn't pass it up knowing it will grow with him & with all the DIY projects were doing for his room, it will be the splurge item. I pulled out my Blackberry and Googled the style pendant drum shade, and found out I was getting a steal, compared to a similar version at Bellacor for $ 268.28! 

I've been crossing my fingers for a few days hoping my son would like it when he got back from his grandpa's. Sigh of relief he thought the light fixture was cool and likes the inside detail of the pendant shade the best.

Here's my sons old light fixture, basic and boring. I now how three of these light fixtures to drop off at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Remember to take your no longer needed home goods to their restore { light fixtures, bath vanities, doors and more } they resale the items and then the proceeds help fund construction on Habitat homes. It's also a great place to shop for bargains. 

Here's his new light fixture in his bedroom. We choose to use the shortest portion on the down rod for his bedroom, so the drum shade still has impact while being kid friendly. I love when the lights on, came with a large bulb that doesn't hurt your eyes if your directly under it. It's the city scrape perfect. 

The dark wood grain is so pretty and unexpected.

Here's the light when its off. I took the picture in the evening, so it looks a darker then what it actually is. 

Months and months ago while shopping at Kohls I came across this cute table lamp on clearance for $ 3.99. I love the fabric on the lampshade and the colors work perfectly with his bedroom. Sadly the little bench the lamp is current;y sitting on will be stored in the garage, since he's out grown. 

I'm glad I continued my light fixture search. What do you think of his new drum shade for his bedroom?

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