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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love black and white photography artwork; I think its timeless and suits any wall perfectly. When I started planning our dining room makeover I knew I wanted any artwork in there not to be theme-y. I decided to create our own artwork. I went though all our pictures and see if any them would work when I came across three pictures from a weekend getaway with the husband (wine tour in the Santa Rosa, Ca Area) Here are the pictures.

I don't have any programs like Photoshop so I use a free service from Google called Picasa - its tool great to use for very basic photo edits & storing pictures. It’s the perfect tool for me until I upgrade/learn how to use Photoshop. Instead of just making the photo black and white, which is nice - but a little boring for these photos....I decided to add contrast and play for the lighting. The result three interesting photos, that reminds me of our getaway.

A little crop & black and white contrasting

Next I framed them in these great gallery style frames from Kohls - I own 5 of these frames now! Two frames are in the entryway on ledges and three are in the dining room. Love these frames, great style and value. Here's a better picture of our dining room update so far.


  1. Beautiful pictures, black & white makes them look more professional or something, right? I also use picasa, it's great!

  2. Cute :)

    I use paint.net! You can download for free. It's very similar to Photoshop. I LOVE it.

  3. I love black & white photos! Having art that reminds you of adventures is so much more meaningful than something you just pick up at the store! I also like Picasa - quicker and easier than photoshop. Have you tried picnik.com? It has even more options than picasa for editing and adding words to your pictures.

    PS Nice work on the dining room - I just got caught up with all of your dining room posts and love how it's turning out. Great color choice!

  4. Nice photos, and I love those frames

  5. Very nice! Love those frames, too. Isn't Kohl's great?!

  6. Ladies - thanks for the tips on the other photo editing sites! I'll check those out

  7. I love black & whites. I totally forgot you were in Northern CA (just re-read your profile!) Me too!

  8. oh, i just love how these turned out! and soooo nice that they are meaningful.



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