Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter

This year Easter seems later, but it still manged to sneak up on me. We keep Easter low key around here, and I'll be making a yummy brunch along with some sweets. I've seriously pinned so many goodies on Pinterest its crazy lol. Don't these Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars look oh so yummy! In addition to brunch a simple egg hunt on the backyard along with a movie in the early afternoon. Thinking we might go see Bears it looks like such a sweet movie and perfect since Earthy Day is right around the corner.

On Saturday morning, Avery will be dying Easter eggs which should be lots of fun! I a;dp bought some pretty plastic eggs from Target, two bags for less than two dollars not bad at all and perfect backup if the dyed Easter eggs come out 'interesting.'

We also have plans to work on our patio (getting everything cleaned up) and I'll be building something for it! Can't wait to share with you all what I built! 

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Raised Garden Bed Update

Cheers to productive weekends and getting a few weeks closer to planting veggies in our DIY Raised Cedar garden beds with irrigation we built a few weeks ago. I wanted to share an update our garden area now, that is feeling more finished and looking a whole lot better than where we began a few weeks ago. On Saturday morning, we got up early and made a quick drive to Hasties Capitol Sand & Gravel to pick up a yard of garden mixture verses buying a ton of smaller bags from a local big box store. Those little bags add up big time (no thanks) In the past we've bought over 12 yards of various yard materials from them and had them delivered to our house for free! Plain in simple when it comes to yard materials buy in bulk and save money.  

We decided to line the inside of our raised garden bed with weed barrier, to help prevent lots of weeds, even thought its not a guarantee weeds won't grow. Now let's take a look of how much progress we've made on our garden area in the past few weeks. The picture on the left was from mid March and the right picture taken Apr 13. Weeds have been pulled, empty boxes have been recycled and our raised garden bed built, along with adding shredded cedar and plants around the garden bed.  

Here's a larger view of our new garden area. We still have to move the long boards behind the garden bed and try and purpose them elsewhere or list them on Craiglist. We also have plans to disguise our waste containers but I'll share those plans in an overall backyard post soon.   

Here's our view from our patio. I can already picture tomatoes growing on the vine and and lots of kitchen herbs growing. We decided to plant only a few flowers around the garden bed that will hopefully grow in nicely and fill out the area without impeding us gardening and weeding in the raised bed. 

I love flowering shrubs, we planted Mediterranean Heather, Mexican Heather and Mediterranean Lilac. The lilac smells amazing and its supposed to attract butterflies (and bees) I think once its grows in its going to looking so pretty against the fence. 

I decided to plant strawberries in a container and for now placed them in front of the raised bed. We're already starting to get a few ripe strawberries. I need to add plastic liner over the soil to help prevent the strawberries from rotting. 

I just love this view and love how the garden bed looks in our yard. 

We still have lots to do! We plan on giving our patio a good cleaning this weekend, build a few tomatoes trellises for tomatoes and bell peppers. We need to give our large terra cotta pots and face lift with some soap and spray paint! 

So looking forward to getting those veggies planted and enjoying dinners outside! Can you picture it too? 

Are you planting a garden this year? If so what are you planting? 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Birthday Wish List

Wow another year has past, and today I celebrate my Birthday! Well, it might turn into a birthday month if I can convince Hasani and the kids to go along with my idea. Another year another list of pretties I'd love to add to my life!

1. NookHD + a Cute Jonathan Adler Case (sadly the one I love fits another Nook, oh well its a wish lsit and I'm dreaming!) 2. Marble Cleat Box via West Elm 3. 'K' earnings from Bonnie Jonas 4. Druzy Necklace  Etsy seller Delezhen 5. Lattice Reversible Clutch via Hammocks and High Tea 6. Lorde Pure Heroine CD

1. I love reading books and would love a new reader where I can also enjoy reading my magazines one and play games with Avery using some Apps (hello less meltdowns) 2. This little jewelry box would be perfect for my bedside table. 3. Yes Please! So cute and such a good little price 4. Love this necklace, I can picture one with my boys intials 'A' & 'T' 5. I need this colorful & reversible clutch in my life! 6. I can't wait to blast this CD in my car, when its just me singing my heart out, and yes I'm a car singer :) 

Tonight I'll be celebrating with my boys having dinner out. This weekend can't come soon enough, Hasani and I will be enjoying the Napa Valley's Wine Country: tasting wines, enjoying the drive, and having fun! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spice Girl: Part Two

Way back in 2012, I blogged about upgrading our crazy assortment of spice jars with classic glass spice jars from World Market. Read more about that kitchen organizing project here. When we moved back in our home in late June, I took a few days off from work thinking I'd have to time to 'set my kitchen up' how I wanted. Instead I was taking care of my sick toddler who caught a nasty stomach bug. Which meant my kitchen never really got organized and some cabinets just got cluttered and messy and just stayed that way. Fast forward to this year and I'm dealing with another crazy assortment of mismatched spice jars that is making my cabinets looking a hot cluttered mess. Plus I was having a hard time actually finding the spices I needed to use while making dinner, it all got to be too much. Take a look for yourself, I'm keeping this picture 100% embarrassingly real. 

This time around I decided to go with the wide mouth spice jars from World Market. I love their design and good fitting tops, plus the wide mouth opening made it easier to scoop spices outs. I bought these Avery # 22923 2 inch white round labels from Staples and printed the labels at home. I decided to keep it simple clean and modern for the label style and font.

In my opinion World Market has the best selection of spice jars, the best! Plus most of their jars are only .99 cents, hard to beat that deal. 

Here's how my spices currently looking in my upper cabinet, so much better! For now I have them placed in all inside row by row, but plan on adding a tried spice rack to place inside the cabinet, like this one from Amazon. Having the tired rack will make finding the right spices so much easier. I recently bought more spice jars, and not all our spices have a new home! Yay for small victories. 

While the spices are no under control, I still need to spend some time whipping the rest of my small kitchen into shape and think about how we use our kitchen throughout the day and determine the the best place for everything: snacks, dry goods, coffee storage, cookware. My list goes on and on. I plan on sharing the progress as I tackle making the inside nice and organized. 

Have you also upgraded the way your store spices? 


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