Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Must See TV

It's already Mid-September, which means its already time to gear up for Fall TV. I'm excited for my favorite TV shows to return and hoping to fall in love with some new ones. As most of you know, we're cable free and watch our TV with our Roku, so I'm always watching shows a few days later. Or binge watching a couple of shows at a time [one of my favorite late night past times] Read more about our decision to cut the cable cord here, here and here!

Here's a quick round-up of the shows, I can't wait to catch up on and see what my favorite characters are up to, from plotting revenge, winning cases, finding love, dealing with scandals, killing zombies and writing songs. 
Revenge: I'm currently catching up on episodes I missed on season three, love Emily Throne and all her plots at revenge against the Graysons. Sleepy Hollow: Yet, another show I love watching, but totally hope to catch up on missed episodes. The Good Wife: I'm a huge fan of this show! The acting is suburb, if you haven't watched it yet, check out past seasons on HULU or Amazon Prime. The Mindy Project: I never though I'd be a fan of the show until, Hasani mmentionedwe should watch it, well I stayed up many nights way too late laughing and falling in love with this show! Mindy Kaling is crazy funny, and i even starting following her on IG! Scandal: Three words Olivia Pope + Gladiators, if your not watching this show, you need to be, trust me! The Walking Dead: I'm obsessed with zombies, we watch this show though Amazon Prime since its not on HULU. Nashville: I watched an episode or two on the whim last year and was quickly hooked on the drama in Nashville starting its country singers and songwriters. Goldbergs: This hands down is one o my favorite shows to watch with my oldest Tabari, the comedy is set in the 80's so think The Wonder Years 80's edition. Oh, I should mention this is totally my short list, since I can't add the return of Downton Abbey until January 2015. 
Every fall there are so many new shows and just as your getting hooked the network seems to always decided to cancel the show, so it makes it so hard to get into new shows. Here are a few show, I'm looking forward to checking out: State of Affairs, Madam Secretary, Utopia, How to Get Away with Murder and Black-ish 

I'd love to hear what's on your must see TV list for returning shows? And what new shows are you looking forward to checking out? Any shows I'm not watching that I need to check out? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sage Living Wall Giveaway

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm super excited about today's giveaway, I've teamed up with my friends at Sage Living Wall to give one lucky reader of Chic Little House there very own living wall. Click here to check out my Sage Living wall succulent garden, that I shared yesterday.  

The winner of the Sage Living Wall gets their choice of a 10x10 garden: Succulent, Herb or Fern. Each living wall comes with plants and frame. The frame can easily be hung on the wall, placed on a table as a centerpiece or placed on the stand for your mantel. I loved the look of the living wall in my kitchen, it really brightens the corner of my kitchen up. One of the things that makes the Sage Living Wall so unique is the living walls are soil free making them easy to water and keep green yearlong. 

Hop over to Sage Living Wall to select your favorite and then enter to win below. The giveaway is open to US Residents only, starts 9/17 ends 9/23/14. Enter below.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sage Living Wall in my Kitchen

I've loved the look of living walls both indoors and outdoors, and have seen various DIY versions which looked difficult to build, heavy and hard to maintain. Plus, keeping the soil actually in the garden wall looked complicated as does trying to watering them. I was recently introduced to Sage Living Wall, a Chicago based company that specializes in large indoor wall gardens in restaurants. They've recently expanded to make their product more accessible to people who want to add garden walls in their home or business on a smaller scale. They've create 10x10 framed vertical gardens cartridges in either herbs, succulents or ferns. One standout feature of Sage Living Wall is instead of using soil, their product uses 'rock wool,' which helps retain moisture between watering.

Sage Living Wall sent me a 10x10 framed garden to try and in my home, and give won away to my readers! Very nice of them right! I love the ease of succulents and decided on a succulent garden for my kitchen. Sage Living Wall frame can be hung on the wall, placed vertically on a table as a centerpiece or placed on a frame. I love the modern look of placing the garden on the frame on my kitchen counter. 

I love the wood frame the cartridge sits inside, the warm wood tone along with the succulents are a happy edition to my home. I know as the plants continue to grown in its going to look even more amazing. 

I've had my garden wall for a few weeks and per instructions on Sage Living Wall, I water my plants every 10-14 days. To water my plants, I simply remove the cartridge from the wood container and place the cartridge in the sink and water the opening side.

After watering my garden, I wait around 15-20 mins then I place the cartridge back inside the frame. 

I'm loving this new addition in my kitchen! Make sure you stop by Wednesday and enter for a chance to win your choice of a Sage Living Wall 10x10 Garden in either herbs, succulents or ferns. 

PS:My friends over at Sage are giving Chic Little House readers 10% off purchases from 9/16-9/21/10 use code CLH10 at checkout.
What do you think of indoor garden walls?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Refinished Vintage Lane Nightstands

I recently shared the vintage Lane night stands that I bought on Craigslist for $25 each, along with the importance of using primer especially on vintage furniture. I'm happy to share that our nightstands are done and they turned out amazing. Click here for a reminder of how my bedroom looked, last time I shared it on the blog. Our vintage nightstands before their makeover. They had a poor streaky chip paint job and where super dirty. 

After cleaning the night stands, sanding and priming them, I applied three coats of Behr Ultra Pure White with a semi gloss finish. I knew right away after seeing them on CL, I they would look so good painted a bright crisp white. When I first shard the nightstands, I was thinking of updating the hardware, but decided against it. The original hardware just goes so well.The funny thing is in decor, I'm not really a 'gold girl' even though its of the hot metals, I keep finding vintage pieces that have gold hardware. For example our campaign dresser, the vintage pair of Ralph Lauren lamps and the brass feet on our dining room table. I love how the nightstands turned out [I'm still deciding on the right picture to go in the frame]

One thing I love about the new nightstands is their size, while their  little shorter than our old ones, they're the perfect size. Thanks to their depth, our lamps comfortably fit along with a picture frame, books, a small vase and jewelry box etc. It already feels like a huge happy upgrade for our bedroom. I fell in love with this jewelry shadow box from West Elm, which is just the right size for me to keep the jewelry I wear most often close.  

Our benches normally sit in our nook area of our bedroom, but there we too pretty to leave out of the shot. We're thinking of some bedroom layout changes, sharing more below. 

I'll share some full room shots very soon [including my husbands side], we're still deciding on art for both sides of our nightstands, to go above our lamps [for now I removed what we had there] We're also thinking about shifting a few things around our in bedroom, possibly moving switching up our dresser and benches. I'm also in limbo about our console table, not sure if I'll stain the wood walnut or pain it white decisions decisions. 

What do you think our of refinished nightstands?


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