Friday, January 23, 2015

Pin of the Week

Hi Friday, its so nice to see you! My Pin of the Week is all about Pantry's that Wow. In my home we don't have a dedicated pantry space, but if we did I would totally  want all my food goods, extra appliances etc. a total destination zone in my kitchen. 

via Pinterest here & here

Enjoy your weekend friends and I'll see you next Monday or on Instagram.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Classic White Bathoom

I've spent half the week plotting on what area of our home I want to tackle next, by now if you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I like to jump around from room to room. Working on bits and pieces. One of the area in my home is relativity new our master bathroom that we added almost two years ago when we re-built our home. Here's the deal, I love the the main design elements of our bathroom: hex floor tiles on the floor, classic white subway in the shower surround and quartz counter. It's a small bathroom, but the size perfectly fits with our petite home. 

It has great bones, just needs a few finishing pieces to take it from nice to wow, make sense? Here are a few things on 'my list' our bathroom needs: vanity hardware, hooks for towels, pretty white towels, basket for storage, storage for misc beauty supplies and a mirror!!! We've been using a mirror that's too small for the past year + and its time, I bite the bullet and find / buy one we love.

In terms of color, I really love white bathrooms. With the 'right elements' white bathrooms, don't feel bland they feel lovely and relaxing, exactly how I want our bathroom to feel. Our bathroom is white, but needs a little touch-up painting like most all white rooms do. I've been gathering bathroom inspiration to help guide me. 

I pinned this lovely bathroom, ages ago and still love it! Our vanity is open on the bottom (see here) I've been looking for the 'right size' baskets for our open bottom shelf for months and months, I finally may have found the right size at Crate & Barrel 

This bathroom below is gorge! I love the wall panels behind the lighting, so genius! 

via Pinterest

A few month back, I painted our bathroom vanity a pretty grey (click here) After giving the color so more thought, I've decided to repaint our bathroom vanity a little bit lighter grey, I've chosen a new color and once I paint it I'll share an update. 

When it comes to mirrors for our bathroom, I jump all over the place! Some days, I want a mirror framed mirror, other days a simple plain mirror then a pretty shaped mirror. 

 via Pinterest

I love the look of the classic mirror below, I recently saw its twin on Home Decorators here. I plan on doing a lot of the stopping into Home Goods for the next several months until, I find the one, bu far they have the best affordable in stock mirror options in my area.  

I'm also love the idea of adding a bamboo mirror in our bathroom, I think it would look pretty paired with our polished nickel bathroom hardware. 

Thanks for allowing me to brain dump my ideas! It feels so good to put my design thoughts out there for my master bathroom. I'm getting excited to get going on this project and finally find / hang a mirror in our bathroom we love! 

Are there in projects your working on that are talking much longer than expected, like me?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mixed Media Gallery Wall

One of my plans this year is to add more artwork in our home. I love a gallery wall grids like we have in our dining room and also love mixed gallery wall with varying size frames, like the one in my sons room. I love the look of mixed media gallery walls and plan on adding one in our home. Since our home is on the a smaller scale, we don't have much wall real estate so to speak, the best spot right now for a mixed media gallery wall is our hallway. 

I envision a gallery wall filled with framed watercolors, drawings, a few family portraits,  canvases and shadow boxes with artwork. That's my ideal mixed media gallery wall for my hallway. 

via Kinfolk

 via Lonny

When it comes to gallery walls in hallways, I'm not a huge fan of artwork going all the way to the baseboards. I love the idea of creating a gallery wall on a imaginary straight line with artwork above and below. I love the creative mixture and scale of the mixed media gallery wall below

I absolutely adore the kids art gallery wall below, which in my book totally. counts as a mixed media gallery wall. I for sure plan on incorporating my kids artwork in our hallway gallery wall. 

I'm so excited to tackle this project over time and create a meaningful mixed media gallery wall and officially whip our hallway into shape, including finishing up our linen cabinet makeover. 

What do you think of gallery walls, love them? planning one? Or over them?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best of 2014 and Looking Ahead to 2015

Morning Friends! Happy New Year! Looking back on 2014, it was a fantastic busy year. A year filled with DIY Projects, Decorating, two exciting photo shoots (HGTV Magazine & Sacramento Bee) Brand Collabrations and painting projects. 2014 was also our first full year back in our home. I love seeing how much more our house is feeling like our home, its been fantastic seeing various rooms in our home evolve over the year. 

I went  back though my 2014 archives to round up the Best of Chic Little House, in no particular order here are some of my favorite posts. 

Best of Chic Little House 2014

1. Why I love Dresser as TV Stands Vintage dressers provide a pretty sophisticated foundation for modern TVs 
2. Framed Pretty Paper  If you come across pretty wrapping paper, consider framing it
3. Kitchen Hardware Installed
4. Sacramento Bee Home & Garden Sharing our local Photo shoot and article with the Sacramento Bee Newspaper
5. A Very Chartreuse & Gold Christmas Tree I just love Christmas, everything is sparkly and pretty, from decorating the Christmas tree, drinking cocoa and watching Holiday movies and more, I love it all
6. Pattern Play for the Win Splurging on my 'it' fabric and made curtains 
7. Avery's Gallery Wall Creating an gallery wall that reflects my sons big personality and includes meaningful artwork
8. Refinished Vintage Nightstands
9. DIY A-Frame Plant Stand Building an outdoor A Frame Plant Stand
10. Eat in Style for Six Adding banquette seating in our dining room
11. Behind the Scenes of Our HGTV PhotoShoot Sharing all the details
12. Home Depot Style Challenge Halloween & Harvest Creating a spooky scary dining room table

Looking Ahead to 2015

I'm so excited for 2015! I have lots of projects that I want to tackle around our home here's a quick rundown: Work on our bedroom & master bathroom (painting and organizing) Finish Tabari's bedroom, Re-Think our Mudroom / Laundry room, Work our creating an amazing outdoor space, above all organize / de-clutter / and create. 

On a personal note I plan to live my life with intention focus my time on doing what I truly love: creating, decorating, crafting, exploring in my kitchen, drawing & painting....and of course blogging. I'm calling 2015 my full circle year as I find my daily balance between working full time, raising two kiddos I adore and allowing myself time to create/make/diy.

Cheers to 2015, Lets make it a good one!

What are a few of your personal goals for 2015?


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