Thursday, October 30, 2014

Add Color with Lamps

One of my favorite ways to add color into a room is by using colorful lamps! A few years ago before we re-built our home [read more about that here] I choose bright yellow lamps for our living room, I just loved them! I just purchased a pair of drop dead gorgeous lamps in a pretty color, for my living room! I can't wait for them to arrive and to share! Here's some easy ways to add color in your home by using fantastic lamps!

This entryway is so pretty, but those orange lamps make the space a knock out and add the fun back to this otherwise neutral entry.
(image via BHG)

For me the lamps is the star in this pretty vignette below, the pretty subtle shade of aqua with the Lucite base is compliments the drapes and aqua crystals in the vase. 

(image via Pinterest)

In this pretty living room below, what catches your eye? For me its the extra large gold lamp that's the show stopper, the gold lamp mixes so well with in this living room adding anther layer of color. Yup, for me gold totally is a color that inject that glam factor in rooms [even though I'm not always a 'gold girl' I'm totally love seeing it in big and small does in rooms]
(image via BHG)

Often times, I'll see a pretty lamp and I fall in love but also get sticker stock! Consider shopping consignment stores, thrift stores and vintage re-sell stores for a fabulous lamp that just needs some spray paint or maybe just a new lampshade. In the inspiration picture below the lamps has a vintage vibe, which means it very well could have had a date with glossy spray paint. 

(image via Pinterest)

As I mentioned above, check local stores in your area for lamps. In my own home, I picked up a pair of classic shaped lamps for our bedroom from our local Salvation Army. I paid only $8.00 per lamp and later found out they were from Ralph Lauren, all the lamps needs with a good dusting and lint roller on the shades.  

Those yellow lamps adds so much color and really help my this otherwise neutral living room so much more interesting. I also love the scale of the lamps, not too small just the right size. I hate when lamps are just too small in a space, I love big lamps and I can not lie! 

(image via Pinterst)

Here's a few places online that offer a great selection of colorful lamps: TargetOverstock, Wayfair and LampsPlus. Just remember, next time your shopping for lamps thing color and scale! I hope to be back on track blogging wise and sharing several projects I've been working on the past few months!

Friends, when it comes to lamps do you play it safe? Or are colorful lamps a must in your spaces? 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pin of the Week

Happy Friday friends! I'm so excited for the weekend. Let's chat about the Pin of the Week, I love the combination of open shelves and cabinets in kitchen, for me its the perfect marriage of showcasing a pretty collection of dishes and cookbooks along with the hidden storage cabinets provide. Consider adding open shelves in small nook in your kitchen or below a bank of cabinets for addition storage. 
images via Pinterest here & here

This weekend, I'm still in the process of working on our Linen closet (pictures to come next week) along with finishing up a few furniture projects I'm working on. I can't wait to share the furniture projects, they're simply stunning! 

In kitchens are you a fan of open shelves and cabinets? Or do you like the look of all open shelves or all cabinets?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sacramento Bee Home & Garden

Happy Monday friends, last Saturday morning, I was laying in bed doing an little bit of internet searching and easing my way into the morning, when I got a congrats Saying I was in the local paper! See below, and yes my sweet friend Nancy things way to o highly of me! lol

I was planning to tell my friend the next day when I saw her at her sons birthday party! I had no clue it was coming on out on 10/11/14 and no clue it was going to be a cover story! I shared the news on Instagram, but something about sharing the news on my blog feels more real, lol. About a two weeks ago, I was interviewed by Debbie Arrington from the Sacramento Bee about sharing our fire and rebuilding journey, she spent some time in my home and got to know myself and kids and later got a quote from Hasani. That evening the photographer stopped by to take some pictures, he name is Paul. He was so much fun, and loved having him over, it was fun to see him in action. Below is the copy of article that was in the Sacramento Bee Home & Garden section, to read the article please click on the picture and it should enlarge. You can also read the story online here, which features more pictures. 
I really enjoyed talking with Debbie about our home and loved the story she wrote 
 One thing I loved about the photo shoot, was having the pictures taken in the evening it gives a totally new vibe to our house you don't often get to see. I'll have to start sharing my evening pics of our house. 

I'll be back on Tuesday, sharing on our Linen Closet that so desperately needs attention. Currently its a hot mess, but I have plans to finally whip it into shape and stay organized for my family. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pin of the Week

Pretty linen cabinets and closets have been on my mind all week! I'm in the process of finally tackling my linen cabinet and soaking up all the pretty ideas on Pinterest is making me happy! 

images via Pinterest here & here 

I plan on sharing my own linen closet next week along with plans, I can't to finish up this little spot in our home and get it organized so it will stay organized, which is key.

What do you prefer open linen cabinets / closets or closed off ones? I feel when its open, it forces you to keep it organized! But, I'm so not a super organized person :)


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