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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The next step in getting closer to our dining redo is replacing our cracked, fugly tile in the dining room and kitchen. Since we have original 1956 hardwood floors (yet to be re-finished) we want our new wood floors to compliment our excisting ones. I really like how dark flooring looks in a room, so we are thinking a dark walnut color will look nice. We are considering a few flooring options: Faux wood, Engineered Hardwood, and Bamboo - Real wood won't be an option - too pricey. BUT I ordered a sample to see how our original floors will look after they are refinshed.

Here are some flooring options we are considering:

From the left:
#1 Bamboo 'Congo'
#2 Real Wood 'Oak Mocha' 
 #3 Faux 'Wine Barrel Oak'  
#4 Faux  'Arktos'

Which ones do you like? I knocked on each sample! I know silly, but I wanted to see which one sounds more like 'real wood'

I prefer # 1 Bambo 'Congo' and of course # 2  Real Wood 'Oak Mocha' -- we plan on refinishing our wood floors with this color

{ better picture of my favorites side by side and a BETTER picture of our FUGLY tile, I think the grout is just stained that nasty dirt color! fun. }

We plan on ripping up on tile next month, new year new floors - can't wait! Have you ripped up tile before? Was it easy peasy? - please share.

We still have a little price comparing to do. I ordered the above samples from ifloors.com, they have a great selection and awesome per sq. price HOWEVER I'm not sure if I'm feeling there hefty shipping charges. Untill then I've been drooling over these dining rooms and the floors simular style to what we want our space to feel like: light and airy grouned by dark rich wood floors. I alse like these dining rooms here.

Isn't the space below amazing! The light fixture, the two buffets - kind of feels Art deco meets modern. I also love the simple black & photos on the wall - we recenlty diy artwork for our dining room.

I really like fabric chairs in dining rooms, it adds a bit for elegance and large mirror bounces so much light around the room - Love it

{ the picutres above are from BHG.com }


  1. I'm partial to option #1, but that's probably because it's awfully similar to the flooring we just purchased from Lowes (by Armstrong). I love the dark floors with the contrast against the different paint colors. :) Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your decision....I also love the dark floors and all the options look great!

  3. Bamboo! It's 'real' and renewable... plus looks really similar to the way your refinished floors will look.

  4. Ooh, the fabric-covered chairs are a nice touch. I really like that idea. Also, I love your idea of dark wood flooring. Very nice.

  5. Another vote for bamboo! This is going to look fabulous, I just know it!

  6. i like the congo (very rich) and arktos (warm).

    my experience with wood and laminate wood flooring types is that this is an area where price tends to matter. i recommend going with the highest grade product that you can afford (check the thicknesses and grades). also, here's a post that i wrote a while back about demolishing tile: http://tearinguphouses.blogspot.com/2009/08/first-bag-of-mail.html

    can't wait to see how this turns out!


    p.s. LOVE the first inspiration photo!

  7. Kelly - thanks for the tips. I'm nervous about tearing up our banged up tile and see what's under there - yikes!

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