Yellow Lamps

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few Mondays ago, I posted about a few pairs of lamps I thought would look good in our living room. I've been looking everywhere for a pair pf lamps for our living room for months, I've tried Home Goods, Thrift Stores pretty much anywhere that sells lamps. I was really drawn to a bright pretty pair of yellow lamps at Target. I couldn't wait to show Hasani the lamps we must buy for our living room, but at the same time I was a little nervous because sometimes it takes a while for Hasani to come around see my vision. So the next day we headed to Target and to my happy suprise he like the exact same lamps. 

Here's how our living room corner looked BCL { before cute lamp }

Same corner now with our new lamp.

We bought a pair of lamps, both sit on the side of our pair of chairs. The lamps were budget friendly too. Each were around $ 44 bucks each plus the lampshade which was $ 14.99. So we spent around $ 60 bucks per lamp, which is a steal compared to similar lamp styles at Crate & Barrel and Lamps Plus that start at 100+ each. I'll post more pictures or our living room which has been slowly evolving since we bought our house 3 yrs ago. Click Here to see how our living room looked we when first moved in, its come a long way.

Any fun bright new updates to your living room recently? Have you spotted any swoon worthy lamps latley?

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  1. Very nice! I scored a pair of Thomas O'Brien lamps at target too, they were on clearance for $35 each!

  2. Really cute! Any chance of adding a larger shot of the room with the lamps in it? Also, will you carry the yellow accents into the dining room or leave them just in the living room?

    1. Hi Shannon, I plan on taking larger pictures of the living room in the next few days, waiting for better lighting to come my way :)

      We have a little yellow in our dining room, more of a mustard yellow in our dining curtains. i plan to add more pops of yellow very soon :)

  3. Great choice, they really pop in the room!

  4. Love the lamps, they look great in the room!

    Yay, I can't wait to get the keys hanging in my home! Thank you :)

  5. I LOVE the yellow. It really looks perfect in your room and the style is too fun!

  6. Very cute!! I swooned over some yellow lamps at West Elm recently but I think yours are the winner. :)

  7. I love your new lamps. I also love the way you styled your bookcase.

  8. Love those lamps, they add so much to the room!!

  9. The lamps look great!

    Mrs. Delighful

  10. Love the yellow lamps! What a great way to add a pop of color. Makes me want to experiment with yellow!

  11. Wow! Indeed, good light can transform a room instantly. Yellow is definitely a ‘stand-out’ color, but it blended well with your room. What you can do is choose the bulbs of your lamps depending on their purpose. If you want it for late-night reading, it would be good to use white lights. This will let your eyes focus better, giving you more time to read. But if you want it as an accent piece, you can use dim lights for a more intimate effect.

  12. i know this was a post about the lamp, but i LOVE the date in the three opening frame!!!

  13. love the pillows! where r they from?


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