Our Home: Framed Window Progress

Friday, January 18, 2013

Every Friday I plan on sharing updates on our home rebuild progress, some of these posts will be exciting some mundane. Regardless, I'm happy use my blog as a journal in our adventures of re-building our beloved 1956 rancher. Quick reminder last week construction began on our home, removing the garage and starting the the framing for our Garage expansion and house addition. Read more about our floor plan changes here. So far this week, most of our new windows in our house have been framed. Which is a such a good feeling, heck seeing any change to our home is a good feeling, lol. Friday they'll be pouring cement for our garage floor and and addition. 

This is the current view of Avery's new twin windows. We decided to replace the sliding glass door with a pair of windows. I was never thrilled about the idea of sliding glass doors in his room, so this change is a good thing. I think these windows will provide so much natural light, one thing I did like about the sliding glass door. I can already picture roman shades on his windows and even see him standing at the window looking out side. 

Another view of the windows, looking towards closet area. 

Here's the frame for our new bedroom window, the old window on the left will be going soon. The window will be replaced by our master bedroom expansion of a walk in closet, bathroom & french doors. If you noticed our new window is taller than the old its bringing the house up to current code.  

The window below belongs to Tabari's bedroom, we've decided to make his window smaller and have it match our window size. We fill the 6ft window in a such a small room over powers the space. Again his window is also taller than it once was due to code. 

For the time being almost all of our house is temporarily 'wrapped' in plywood to protect it from the elements. Looking forward to our new house siding, then it will start looking more like a house. That's it for this weeks blog worthy progress, I sparred you all the plumbing pictures, and new sewer clean-out pictures although I'm happy about those too :) Hey it all adds up right? 



  1. All of the light from the windows will make such a huge difference in the house.

    1. I'm exciting about all the natural light flooding into the house :)

  2. I’m so excited for you and your family, Katrina! It’s such a nice experience to see your dream home slowly taking shape. Hope everything’s going smoothly today, and would go smoothly until the end of your home building project. By the way, I think you have fantastic inspirations for your French door! Keep up the good work on your future home!

    Katie Nicoll

    1. Thank you so much Katie!! I hope everything turns our nicely - so much progress has happened on out home in the past few days/

  3. This renovation sounds exciting! I’m happy to see this progress in the window framing. Just make sure that the windows you will install there are energy efficient and functional. You wouldn’t like a window that is hard to open and close, right? +Ashlee Starns

  4. Renovation excites me, but on the contrary, I hate the waiting part. I don't like how long it'll take for it to be finished. Of course, after installation, always check everything before giving it a thumbs up. That way, you can distinguish if something's wrong or something's not working properly. I can't wait to see what your house will look like!

    Terry Arnold


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Best, Katrina

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