House Update New Kitchen Hardware

I’m a big believer that making small changes in your space and can have a significant impact in making a room feel refreshed. Often we can get caught up thinking that to make a difference in our home we must go big. I recently partnered with The Home Depot to give my kitchen a quick weekend update that left my space feeling refreshed. Did I mention the update only involved one tool? It’s hard to believe my kitchen was remodeled over four years ago, yet it still feels timeless. I love the shaker style cabinets in my kitchen paired with white subway tile that goes all the way to the ceiling. 

Even though I love my kitchen, after seeing the pretty Polished Nickel Acrylic hardware from Liberty Hardware I knew a kitchen hardware update was in order! 


Kitchen hardware is the jewelry of the kitchens and makes the look and feel of a kitchen look and feel good. Simply put old hardware can make a kitchen feel dated. Updating your cabinet hardware is a quick and affordable way to give your space a new look. 


In a few hours, I removed all my old hardware, cleaned my cabinet doors and drawers and then installed new hardware. I loved that this update only required a Phillips screwdriver.


I adore the new hardware from hardware from Liberty Hardware, even better its available in stock at The Home Depot in two different sizes. In my kitchen, I have the five inch Liberty Chrome Polished Nickel hardware. I love the how the new hardware in my kitchen feels timeless. 


What do you think of my new kitchen hardware? 

Cinnamon Vanilla Latte

I’m a big latte drinker, note I said latte and not coffee. There’s something so yummy about a delicious latte. My favorite lattes ever are vanilla lattes or just a plain latte. Whenever I get a latte from Starbucks plain or vanilla, and I find myself adding nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla sprinkles to my latte. I just love the extra flavor it adds, and now that Fall has arrived it's almost a requirement for me to enjoy my latte. During the 9-5 work week i’m almost always getting a latte to go, on weekends and especially Friday evenings I enjoy making lattes at home. The key to making a good latte at home is investing in a milk frother, it makes a huge difference! Steaming the milk and make pouring it into your espresso takes it to another level. Trust me. If you love drinker cold drinks when the temps are hot, look for a milk frother for hot and cold drinks, mine does both, I love have that option! Last weekend, I decided to try something new and try making a Cinnamon Vanilla Latte. 

The cinnamon vanilla latte I made was incredible! The cinnamon flavor combined with the vanilla was so so good, the cinnamon didn’t overpower my drink at all just added another level of character. I’ve made several since then; it's the perfect fall drink without all the extra syrups and drizzles and whips that make up most coffeehouse menus in fall.  


To make a latte at home you need an espresso maker, I have a Nespresso U and love it, mine came with a milk frother, here's a similar version of the Nespresso machine I have. Buying an espresso maker can be an investment compared to a traditional coffee maker. I purchase my pods online through Nespresso; they last me a long time. Plus its more affordable buying pods compared to a buying a tall plain latte daily. Keurig has a Cappuccino and Latte system as does Mr. Coffee (links below) I love my Nespresso and its sleek design plus the small footprint it has on my counter tops. 

Cinnamon Vanilla Latte

Make your Espresso like you usually would. In your frother use, half milk and half vanilla creamer (this combination is magic!) Add one teaspoon of cinnamon and vanilla sprinkle powder (optional) then froth. Adding the cinnamon and vanilla powder directly to your milk/creamer combination takes the flavors to the next level. Do a long pour or the milk into your cup and then enjoy! 


Make Lattes at Home

By far is my new favorite drink for Fall and I love that, I’m skipping all the extra calories that are in most fall drinks and not missing out on in the flavor. How do you make coffee/latte at home and what’s your favorite drink of the fall season? 

We Can Arrange That, Giving the Gift of Flowers

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Northern California, the weather is cooling off and being outside is finally tolerable. Temperatures in Sacramento during the Summer months are usually in the 100s day after day. Honestly Fall here is more like Spring, the mornings are crisp and the days are filled with endless sunshine. 

Another reason I love celebrating fall is my wedding Anniversary! My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary; this time of year it brings back so many happy memories and stressful ones! I can remember many late nights working on invitations, spending endless hours planning out every single detail of the wedding day. So much stress! Of course, then I remember the look on my husband’s face as my dad walked me down the aisle of the garden we got married in and I’m reminded of all those happy moments, saying our vows and walking has husband and wife for the first time. Fun Fact, we celebrated our Wedding reception in our backyard – a cocktail reception fantastic food, good drinks and yummy cake. 

I love celebrating moments big and small with flowers and creating new memories. I love walking into my living room and seeing a pretty arrangement of flowers on my coffee table to mark a special occasion. 

I'm so thrilled I received a pretty bouquet of flowers hand delivered to me complementary from FTD Flowers, all opinions are my own (please read Sponsored post policies in sidebar) I’m in love with this arrangement; it reminded me of my wedding bouquet a mixture of hydrangeas, rose. I love the burst of color the snapdragons added to the handcrafted bouquet made by FTD Flowers. 


My favorite flowers of all time are hydrangeas; whenever they're in a bouquet, it feels like a sweet treat. 


Giving the gift of flowers is perfect for any occasion big and small making it more meaningful. FTD is all about We Can Arrange That, ensuring that all the moments in your life and loved ones are celebrated with thoughtfully arranged flowers from your local FTD florist. It’s all about bringing people together through handcrafted connections and flowers do just that. 


This bouquet from FTD looks so pretty in my living room, every time I walk into the room I light up, I love how beautiful flowers make me feel this way, plus they make a space feel pulled together. 


Isn’t opening the door to flowers being hand delivered make you feel spoiled in a good way? What’s your favorite arrangement of flowers?